India’s 1st complete product range to be certified organic by ECOCERT (France) in accordance with COSMOS v3 standards

Your Trust on Us helped us build a Trust for a better future for upcoming Generations !
At JC, it was never about growing it just as a business but as a responsible brand that thrives to give back to the enviornment and society in the best possible ways.




A library, proper arrangement for filtered drinking water & 4000 Sqft of playing area. The entire facility is also under surveillance.
Sewing Machines



Today I would like to share a project very close to my heart. It was my grandfather’s dream, a vision which was executed by my father 18 years back. He put the foundation of Kanhaiya Prabhu Junior High School in Gokul, Uttar Pradesh.

The aim was to provide education to every child who couldn't make it to a school due to financial limitations. The school started functioning in 2004 with 18 classrooms and at the moment the school offers education till class 8 to over 480 students. The school is also extending education till class 10 in affiliation with another school and now as more and more children want to join the school, the aim is to expand operations till class 12.

However, a substantial amount of funds will be required to make this a reality and would require all of us to contribute in whatever capacity we can. At JC it is our constant effort to work on projects concerning education, child protection and cancer awareness. We would also urge each one of you to go through their website and if it appeals to you then contribute in whatever way possible. Through donations or by being part of the team. The donations for the cause are also exempted u/s 80G.



Early 2019 we partnered with Child Awareness Program (CAP), an initiative to make the world safer for children. It is a youth led organisation that works to build awareness of children’s rights issues and abuses, and encourages young people to take positive social action in their communities.

CAP began as a campaign to search for a 5 year old girl kidnapped from a beach in Chennai. In order to tackle Child Kidnapping & Trafficking, they've recently filed a petition to implement an Alert Broadcasting System in India which emphasizes on first 24 hours of child's disappearance being the most crucial.


make the world safer place for children
As a criminologist and a mother of a little girl, I've volunteered to be personally associated with CAP and as a brand we've also decided to fund the project by setting aside 10% of the proceeds from the sales of our baby care range.



Did you know Cervical Cancer is the second largest cause of Cancer Mortality in Indian women? And did you know, it is the only cancer in the world that has a vaccine! Despite being the top 5 cancers affecting women mortality, it is least spoken about, with very low awareness.

In mid 2019, we collaborated with Meenakshi Sai and her trust who are working day in and out to create awareness about the Cervical Cancer and providing vaccinations to those who can't afford it.


To extend our support, we have come up with travel sling bags which retail for INR 2350/- and contains 4 travel essentials from our range. The entire poceeds from the sales are donated for funding vaccinations for many more girls. We hope to receive your support in whatever way possible. Let's fight Cervical Cancer together.

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