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Cosmetic Sharpener  - Juicy Chemistry

Cosmetic Sharpener

Get a pointed tip for your Kajal & Concealer Pencils

₹225 ₹250
10% OFF
Eyeshadow Blending Brush  - Juicy Chemistry

Eyeshadow Blending Brush

Fluffy dome-shaped eyeshadow blending brush for a seamless, well-blended effect.

₹225 ₹450
50% OFF
Eyeshadow Precision Brush  - Juicy Chemistry

Eyeshadow Precision Brush

Tapered medium blending brush for precision and definition.

₹225 ₹450
50% OFF
Eyeshadow Packer Brush  - Juicy Chemistry

Eyeshadow Packer Brush

Firm and flat eyeshadow brush for intense color payoff on the eyelids.

₹225 ₹450
50% OFF
Angled Liner Brush  - Juicy Chemistry

Angled Liner Brush

Firm angular brush to pack the product precisely along the lash lines.

₹225 ₹450
50% OFF
Concealer Brush  - Juicy Chemistry

Concealer Brush

Fluffy dome-shaped face brush for diffusing concealer and correctors.

₹350 ₹700
50% OFF

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