Blood Orange Geranium Deodorant Stick

Blood Orange and Geranium Deodorant

Neutralises Odour | Long Lasting Freshness

Blood Orange Geranium Deodorant 25gm

Blood Orange and Geranium Deodorant

Neutralises Odour | Long Lasting Freshness

₹200 ₹180
Grapefruit Lavender Deodorant Cream

Grapefruit & Lavender Organic Deodorant Cream

Neutralises Odour | Long Lasting Freshness

₹599 ₹462
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Buy 100% Natural and Certified Organic Deodorant Online in India at the Best Prices. 

Deodorants are an essential part of any body care routine. They help us stay cool, fresh, and smell good throughout the day. However, they've also been accused of clogging sweat ducts and leading to pigmentation on the underarms with regular use.

Organic deodorants, on the other hand, are a blend of natural clays, minerals, and plant powders that naturally exhibit absorbent properties. They keep you fresh all day long and do not clog the pores or lead to discolouration. They assist the skin to push out toxins naturally through sweat without any foul odour.


Benefits of using organic and natural deodorants

  • Neutralises body odour - organic deodorants are made with organic essential oils that effectively masks foul body odour. It also helps inhibit the growth of bacteria that leads to bad odour.
  • Improves skin tone, texture, and tonicity - made with plant butters and oils, organic and natural deodorants also simultaneously work on the health of the skin and helps improve tone, tonicity and texture.
  • Keeps skin irritations at bay - the organic deodorants are formulated with oils that naturally exhibit anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and soothes the skin deeply.
  • Do not clog sweat ducts - organic deodorants do not plug sweat ducts or hinder the natural sweating process of the body.
  • Keeps you fresh - made with natural clays and minerals, organic deodorants helps you stay cool and fresh for long hours.

When and how to use an organic deodorant


Incorporating an organic deodorant in your body care routine is quick and easy:

  • Scoop out a little amount of organic deodorant using a clean spatula or finger.
  • Apply onto the underarms with fingers.
  • Massage it into the skin completely for long-lasting freshness.
  • Reapply as and when required.


Juicy Chemistry Organic and Natural Deodorants

Juicy Chemistry offers an array of certified organic deodorants that help neutralise body odour, allow you to sweat freely, and yet smell good throughout the day. Formulated with natural floral powders, clays and minerals, these deodorants also take care of your underarms and promote a smooth skin texture. 


Guide to Juicy Chemistry Organic and Natural Deodorants

Blood Orange and Geranium Deodorant - a traditional organic formula that keeps you fresh and sweet smelling throughout the day. One might undergo transition with this formula if using it for the first time. 


Grapefruit & Lavender Organic Deodorant Cream - the new organic formula which is a lightweight blend of natural deodorizers and nourishing oils that keeps you feeling fresh for long hours. This is a transition-free formula.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Best deodorant for men and women?

Our deodorants are unisex and can be used by both men and women.

  • How to store organic deodorants?

Store your organic deodorants in a cool, dry place.

  • What is the shelf life of organic deodorants?

Organic deodorants have a shelf life of 12 to 18 months from manufacturing and 6 months from opening.