Damask Rose and Jasmine Dusting Powder

Damask Rose and Jasmine Dusting Powder

Fresh Floral Scent | Absorbs Sweat | Talc-free

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Tea tree peppermint dusting powder

Tea Tree and Peppermint Dusting Powder

Absorbs Moisture | Keeps You Cool & Fresh

₹350 ₹298
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Buy 100% Natural and Organic Dusting Powders Online In India at the Best Prices

Organic dusting Powders are a blend of nourishing floral powders, calming root powders, absorbent mineral clays, and therapeutic plant oils. They're formulated with natural ingredients to absorb excess sweat and sebum and keep the skin dry, cool, and fresh throughout the day.

These talc-free formulations are suitable for both face and body and can be applied frequently as per your skin's requirements.

Benefits of Using Organic Dusting Powders for Face and Body

Organic dusting powders are an essential addition to your routine during Summers and Monsoons. Also, if you're someone who generally sweats a lot, this 100% natural and biodegradable formula will quickly become your absolutely favourite.

  • Keeps skin cool and dry - organic dusting powders help absorb the excess sweat, sebum and moisture to keep your skin cool and dry for long hours.
  • Helps you feel fresh instantly - when you're on the go and have no time freshen up, these talc-free dusting powders will instantly refresh your skin and energise your mood with its intoxicating natural fragrance.
  • Promotes overall skin health - formulated with natural floral and root powders, these organic dusting powders also support overall skin health owing to their anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.
  • Prevents skin irritations - accumulation of sweat and sebum in skin folds and pires usually lead to skin irritations and inflammations, organic dusting powders absorb the excess moisture and keeps skin dry and irritations at bay.


When and How to Use an Organic Dusting Powder

Here's how you can incorporate an organic dusting powder into your routine: 

  • Before applying the organic dusting powder, make sure the application area is patted dry.
  • Sprinkle onto dry skin and spread with your palms or using a sponge.
  • Pay close attention to areas prone to sweat/heat rashes such as the underarms, thighs, and lower neck/back area.


Juicy Chemistry's Organic Dusting Powders

Juicy Chemistry's dusting powders are made with organic and natural ingredients with absorbent and calming properties. These 100% natural and Ecocert Certified Organic blends help absorb excess moisture in the form of sweat and sebum, from the surface of the skin and keeps it cool and dry.


Guide to Juicy Chemistry's Organic Dusting Powders

Damask Rose and Jasmine Dusting Powder - This organic dusting powder is a blend of pure floral powders of Damask Rose (Gulab) and Jasmine (Chameli), gentle clays, and root powders, that work together to keep skin dry and cool. It is suitable for all skin types.


Tea Tree and Peppermint Dusting Powder - This organic dusting powder is a blend of therapeutic essential oils, gentle clays, and root powders, that come together to soothe and calm the skin. It is suitable for oily and acne-prone skin types.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an organic dusting powder be used on the face and body alike?

Yes, organic dusting powders can be used on both face and body.


Is it alright to use organic dusting powders multiple times a day?

Yes, they can be used as per requirement throughout the day.


What is the best time to apply organic dusting powder?

One can apply the dusting powder anytime throughout the day, however, it is preferable to apply to it right after a shower on dry skin.