Lime Ginger Rice Organic Face Body Soap

Lime, Ginger and Rice Soap

Reduces Tan | Promotes Even Skin Tone

Carrot Rosehip Neroli Soap

Carrot, Rosehip and Neroli Soap

Reduces Pigmentation | Heals Scarring

₹600 ₹360
Damask Rose Geranium Saffron Organic Face Body Soap
₹550 ₹330
Potato Tomato Lemongrass Organic Face Body Soap

Potato, Tomato and Lemongrass Soap

Reduces Tan | Fades Blemishes

Papaya Apricot Mandarin Organic Face Body Soap

Papaya, Apricot and Mandarin Soap

Antioxidant Rich | Nourishes | Promotes Even Skin Tone

₹550 ₹330
TeaTree Neem Rosemary Organic Face Body Soap

Tea Tree, Neem and Rosemary Soap

Reduces Breakouts | Regulates Sebum

Sugarcane Grapefruit Organic Face Body Soap

Sugarcane and Grapefruit Soap

Gently Exfoliates | Improves Cell Turnover

₹500 ₹300
Energising Organic Face Body Soap

Energising Organic Face & Body Soap

Gently Cleanses | Energising

₹350 ₹210
Aloe Calendula Shea Organic Face Body Soap

Aloe, Calendula and Shea Baby Soap

Soothes | Calms Inflamed & Irritated Skin

₹450 ₹270
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Buy 100% Natural Organic and Handmade Soaps Online in India at the Best Prices

Our Natural, Handmade and Organic soap bars are made with nourishing nut butters, organic cold pressed oils, gentle clays, fresh fruit & vegetable juices, natural exfoliants, antioxidant rich teas and therapeutic essential oils. They are ‘true soaps’ made using the traditional cold process technique and a simple chemical reaction called ‘saponification’. Cold press ensures that the nutrients of the organic ingredients used remain intact during the manufacturing process. While Saponification leads to formation of glycerin as a by-product. Presence of Glycerin, a natural humectant and hydrating agent, makes our soaps superfatted and ultra-nourishing. 


Benefits of using Handmade and Cold-processed Soaps

  • Gentle Cleansers - Organic soaps gently cleanses your skin without stripping off the natural moisture. They leave the skin feeling hydrated and nourished. With nothing added or taken away, our multi-purpose handmade soaps can be used from head to toe.
  • Deeply nourishing -  Owing to their high Glycerin content and also saponified butters and oils, our organic soap bars leave the skin soft, supple and plump. Glycerin, a natural humectant, exhibits excellent penetration and retention characteristics which keeps skin hydrated for long hours.
  • Promotes healthy, even tone skin - Our organic soaps are meticulously formulated using ingredients that help serve some skin concern or the other. Each variant is carefully made keeping in mind a particular concern and ingredients are selected accordingly. Our ingredients help maintain a healthy skin and promote even skin tone owing to their rich nutrient profiles. 
  • Soil to Soil! - Our handmade soap bars come from the soil and go back to the soil. They are made using cold process technique with natural ingredients without posing a risk to waterways, marine life and human health. The waste resulting from the process is used as fodder for livestock ensuring everything is utilized completely. These organic soaps are packed in sustainable and biodegradable packaging. 


How to use Handmade, Organic soap bars

Here's how one can incorporate a cold-processed soap into their skincare routine:

  1. Pick an organic soap bar as per your skin type and specific skin or hair concerns
  2. Work up the lather by rubbing the soap between your wet palms. Spread lather on your wet face, body and hair in gentle strokes.
  3. Rinse off with lukewarm water and pat dry with a soft towel & follow this up with your favourite JC oil, moisturiser or hair conditioner to lock in the goodness.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you use our soap as a shampoo bar, ensure it lathers really well. If you rub it directly on the hair, without creating a lot of lather, it is likely to leave sections of your hair coated with soap oils making it look waxy. We recommend creating the lather between palms and then applying to the strands. After you’ve lathered your hair, rinse your hair till the water runs clear. Learn more about Transition to Organic Shampoos!

Juicy Chemistry's Natural, Handmade, & Organic Soaps


Our organic and natural soaps are a blend of organic nut butters and cold pressed oils to carry out saponification i.e., a chemical reaction between a fat ester, an alkali and water. These saponified butters and oils make our soaps rich and hydrating and also give them a mild, bubbly lather. Natural clays help gently cleanse the skin while fresh fruit and vegetable juices such as Papaya, Cucumber, Potato offer a myriad of skincare benefits. Antioxidant rich teas and therapeutic essential oils help promote even skin tone, scavenge free radicals and maintain overall skin health.

Check out our entire range of Certified Organic Cold Processed soaps here!


Frequently Asked Questions!

  • How to store the organic soap bars?

Our organic soaps are made with organic ingredients with no added preservatives or stabilizers. We highly recommend putting the soap bar back on the soap dish post use to ensure excess water is drained out.

  • How often can one use organic soap?

Our organic and cold-processed soaps are gentle yet effective cleansers and can be used daily. We recommend using them twice a day for face and body and twice to thrice a week for hair. 

  • Do organic soaps help with skin concerns like Pigmentation, Tan, Dryness, and Acne?

Yes! We've curated a variety of handmade soap bars to cater to various skin concerns. For instance, our Carrot, Neroli & Rosehip soap helps with reducing pigmentation, Potato, Tomato & Lemongrass soap helps with tan, Papaya, Apricot & Mandarin soap helps with dryness and Tea tree, Neem & Rosemary soap helps with Acne concerns.