apple cider vinegar argan shampoo

Apple Cider Vinegar, Argan & Ylang Ylang Shampoo

Deeply Conditions | Reduces Hair Fall

₹850 ₹604
Baobab Rosemary Tea Tree Shampoo

Baobab, Rosemary and Tea Tree Shampoo

Relieves Itchy Scalp | Reduces Dandruff

₹850 ₹621
Moisturising Daily Use Shampoo 200ml

Moisturising Daily Use Shampoo

Organic Certified | Deeply Conditions | Helps Combat Frizz

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Hibiscus, Onion & Bhringaraj Shampoo Bar - juicychemistry
₹600 ₹450
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Buy 100% Natural and Organic Hair Shampoo Online In India at the Best Prices

The shampoo is a foundational step in any hair care routine and is responsible for cleansing the scalp and hair strands. But what is an organic shampoo? An organic and natural hair shampoo is formulated through the traditional saponification process using fat-rich plant oils and butters with an alkali to create a mild soap that doesn’t dry out the scalp and the strands. The organic shampoos offer a mild bubbly lather and carry out a gentle cleansing process. 


A mild organic shampoo helps provide essential nutrients to the scalp and is gentle on hair follicles. It also helps facilitate better absorption of other hair care products.


Benefits of Using Organic and Natural Hair Shampoo


A hair care routine is incomplete without a hair shampoo. It is essential to nicely cleanse the scalp and strands to promote overall hair health and shine. Here are some popular benefits of incorporating natural and organic hair shampoos into your routine:

  • Gentle on Hair: Organic and natural hair shampoos do not tend to strip moisture away from your scalp and help retain moisture during the hair wash process.
  • Improves Hair Texture: An organic shampoo is enriched with essential fatty acids and vitamins that help enhance the natural hair texture and make the hair softer and smoother to touch.
  • Removes Scalp Buildup: A natural hair shampoo helps break down the accumulated product buildup from the scalp as well as the hair shaft to reveal healthier hair and relieve any dryness or itchiness caused by it.
  • Better Suited For Environment: Organic and natural hair shampoos are 100% biodegradable and don’t pollute water bodies when they get washed away into the drain.
  • Suitable for Sensitive Skin: An organic shampoo is also less likely to cause scalp irritations (except in case of ingredient allergies) and helps reduce itching and flakiness too.
  • Supports Hairfall Control: An organic shampoo helps balance the scalp by regulating oil production and promoting better absorption of oils and masks. It positively contributes to healthier and stronger hair thereby doing its bit in controlling hair fall. 

When and How to Use An Organic and Natural Hair Shampoo

Here's how you can incorporate an organic hair shampoo into your hair care routine.


  • Take a sufficient amount of organic shampoo on your palms and rub it to create a rich lather.
  • Apply it on wet hair and massage into the hair and scalp downwards.
  • Leave on for 2-3 minutes and rinse off thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.
  • Use twice or thrice a week.


  1. Do not wrap your hair in a bun while shampooing to avoid hair breakage.
  2. When you switch to an organic shampoo like ours, the scalp may undergo a natural detox. In simple terms, the scalp is being thoroughly cleansed and all the product buildup is being washed off. This process takes a few washes as the scalp is trying to regulate itself and tries to compensate by releasing excess or too little oil. You may also encounter hair fall during this adjustment phase. The time the scalp takes to adapt completely to organic shampoo is called the Transition Period. Read more here.


Juicy Chemistry's Range of Natural and Organic Hair Shampoos

Juicy Chemistry offers a range of Ecocert Certified Organic Hair Shampoos formulated with select plant ingredients to gently cleanse the scalp without stripping off the moisture and manage dryness, dandruff, and frizz. 


Guide to Juicy Chemistry's Organic and Natural Hair Conditioners

Baobab, Rosemary & Tea Tree Organic Shampoo: Formulated with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory plant oils, this organic shampoo improves scalp health and helps control hair fall and dandruff.


Moisturising Daily Use Shampoo - Formulated with ultra-hydrating Rice Water and Oat Milk, this transition-free organic shampoo helps combat frizz and keep hair soft and healthy. It is also suitable for curly and wavy hair types.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often can I use an organic hair shampoo?

It is recommended to use organic and natural shampoos twice or thrice a week.

  • Why does my hair feel unclean after using a organic hair shampoo?

When you use a completely organic shampoo for the first time, there is a transition phase where hair detoxifies itself from all the buildup. This feeling goes away after a few washes.

  • Why does the organic shampoo create less lather?

Natural and organic hair shampoos don’t have any foam-boosting ingredients. This results in less lather but does not affect the effectiveness of the shampoo.

  • Best anti-dandruff shampoo by Juicy chemistry?

Our Baobab, Rosemary and Tea Tree shampoo is best suited for dandruff and itchy scalp.

  • Which shampoo is recommended for hair fall / loss?

All our organic shampoos help support hair fall control. Check out our Hair Growth Duo to build a holistic routine for hair fall/loss. 

  • Best shampoo for dry, frizzy hair?

Both our Apple Cider Vinegar, Argan and Ylang Ylang and Daily Moisturising Shampoo are best suited for dry, frizzy hair. However, choose the latter if you are trying organic shampoos for the first time.