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Why Juicy Chemistry?

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Upgrade to Organic

From where we stand, we feel that there’s beauty in asking the right questions and sharing answers.

We question everything we do, every formulation, ingredient, source, and every product’s efficacy.

We started out by asking ourselves what would we do differently at Juicy Chemistry? Why should someone choose us? What do we bring to the table that no one else does? Well, here are the answers to all those questions.


Cruelty-free & Veg

Why are we cruelty-free? Because we truly love furry creatures of every kind. That’s why we go to great lengths to make sure that neither we nor our partners do them any harm. That’s 100% non-negotiable.


COSMOS Organic

Are we truly organic? Yes. Many of our products are certified by ECOCERT as per the COSMOS V3 guidelines. At Juicy Chemistry, ‘Organic’ is not simply just a form of compliance or another buzzword. For us, it's a way of life. When it comes to organic, we’ll put in the work to prove to you that we’re not joking around.


Dermatologically Tested

How do we know our products are safe? Because all our products are dermatologically tested for safety and irritants by experts. However, your skin could react uniquely to certain ingredients, that’s why we firmly advise everyone to perform a patch test before using any of our products.



We believe in the power of doing as much as possible by hand, which is why we minimize the use of machinery wherever possible. We only use machinery as a part of certain processes for the sake of efficiency or hygiene.


Water-free Formulation

Water isn’t really necessarily helpful everywhere. We question where water is needed, and where it isn’t. Thanks to this, a sizable share of our formulations are water-free, which allows for better potency, efficacy, and longer preservative-free shelf life. It’s questioning the little things as such that often lead us to be the best (water-free) solutions.



Do we think organic and ethical go hand-in-hand? Why, of course! Everything we make is born of 100% organic and ethically sourced ingredients. We promise you that we’re extremely particular about going to the ends of the Earth to find the right sources of the best ingredients.


Freshly Made

When it comes to Organic products, freshness is really the key to efficacy. Like all other organic matter, nutrients tend to deplete over time. We source fresh, make fresh, and deliver fresh time and time over. Fresh off our shelves means fresh on your skin, and that’s where the magic really happens.


No Sulphates

Do we need sulphates in our cleansers? No. Why? Because they already bubble and foam quite naturally, thanks to saponified plant oils and butters. They don't need additional sulphates or performance enhancers.


No Synthetic Fragrance Oils

What’s that smell? It’s your ingredients at work. The aroma you get a whiff of is a product of constituent butters, botanicals, plant oils, and essential oils. Like nature itself, these natural aromas may change over time, but what doesn’t change is the efficacy of our products.


No Dyes

Does beauty only come in certain shades? No, in fact, our products truly come to you in their natural form, untouched by artificial dyes or colouring. Skin in itself isn’t biased to any particular colour, the only thing that it cares about is nutrition. When nature’s already perfected that critical bit, why unnecessarily add colour to the mix? Much like leaves or grass, our products change colour over time, but they work well all the same.


Clinically Tested

We quite adore numbers, because they don't lie. That's why we've taken it upon ourselves to get our products clinically tested and proven for efficacy. Some are tested, some are still in process, but rest assured we won't stop until all are done.


Eco-friendly Packaging

What does sustainability mean to us? For starters, it’s not just a buzzword we throw around lightly, it’s something embedded deep within the way we think and work. Our packaging consists of recyclable PET bottles, glass bottles, glass tubs, and biodegradable packaging. We also have a take-back program to help you take baby steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle.


No Petrochemicals

Do petrochemicals have a place in our world? No. We don’t ever use any filler ingredients in any of our products, we just don’t need them. With us, what you see is what you get - Pure juicy organic goodness.