Plastic positive with Juicy Chemistry!

From Soil, to shelf, to you & back to soil. Let’s together, build a world where plastic does not go into the oceans but into recycle bins.

While questioning everything around us, we couldn’t miss the most pinching question in our mind. What can we do to reduce our plastic consumption and become a plastic neutral brand?

Most people know that Juicy Chemistry’s line of products is made up of organically sourced ingredients straight from our soil, to your shelf. However, what people don’t know is that our packaging is eco-friendly, sustainable and can be recycled back to the soil. So, we are a sustainable brand from soil, to soil.

We at Juicy Chemistry have partnered with The Disposal Co. to recycle more plastic than we consumer have taken a pledge to not only become Plastic Neutral this year, but also Plastic Positive.

Here’s how this works


    Make a conscious choice by Add extra INR 5/- to your Juicy Chemistry order payments.


    Your money will be sent to a certified plastic recycle program to compensate a plastic worker for recycling plastic


    By recycling more plastic than we produce, we together have become a plastic positive partnership!


How do I donate Rs.5 and what happens when I do?

At the check out page, there's an option as seen in the image, to make your order plastic neutral. Tick the box and then check out.

The amount that you donate is securely routed to The Disposal Company’s Impact Projects. We guarantee that your contribution will keep the promised amount of plastic out of our oceans and landfills while simultaneously increasing the recycling capacity of our partners and empowering impoverished waste workers. For every Rs.5 donated, we recover 400 gms of plastic waste from the environment.

What are plastic credits?

A plastic credit is an environmental commodity that represents the collection or recycling of one kg of plastic material, which can be transferred between organisations. Plastic credits help mitigate the external environmental plastic waste that is generated due to packaging, delivery & other operations. 1 Plastic Credit equals 1 Kg of plastic recovered from the environment which would have otherwise ended up in the landfills or oceans.

What do you mean by 100% Plastic Neutral?

Being plastic neutral means that for the amount of plastic used by us, a measured equivalent of plastic waste is recovered and removed from the environment through recycling/ waste management efforts. This is done via our tie up with The Disposal Company

How did we arrive at Rs.5?

We conducted an audit on our plastic consumption and based on that, the value was arrived at. The price reflects the true cost of ethically recycling each kilogram of plastic. From reliably collecting waste from consumers, washing and cleaning used packaging, to segregating it by material type and finally processing it.

What is the difference between plastic and carbon footprint?

Carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases your lifestyle emits into the atmosphere whereas Plastic footprint is the amount of plastic your lifestyle demands.

What certification do you have for plastic neutrality?

We have received The Disposal Company’s Seal of SustainabilityTM Certification which is the gold standard for plastic neutral brands. The Disposal Company is an authorized Plastic Waste Recycling Impact project certified under PWM Rules by Central Pollution Control Board of India.

Does this mean that all your products are plastic free?

Being plastic neutral is not the same as being ‘plastic free,’ which implies that a company does not use any plastic in its business operations. In our case, being plastic neutral means that for every gram of plastic we sell, we facilitate the removal of a gram of plastic pollution — giving every purchase of our products a net-zero plastic footprint. We do this through a partnership with The Disposal Company to fund and facilitate the collection, processing, and reuse of landfill and/or ocean-bound plastic waste.

Can I donate more than Rs.5?

Yes, you can do so by increasing the amount at check-out. Rs.5 is the minimum and all the money that's donated goes towards buying more plastic credits.