Customer Stories

To begin with the juicy chemistry rose water is so very refreshing! I use it as a base for make up and before I sleep at night and even on outdoor shoots! And also if I have an eye care routine it’s because of juicy chemistry I use the damask rose and coffee eye cream and the prickly pear, chia and tamanu roll on! Love the products!
Gopalika Virmani
Creative director, MMC world

I absolutely love Juicy Chemistry's organic and natural philosophy. All the products feel super lux yet supernatural and very simple, which really makes the whole experience of using it on my skin very pleasurable.
Roshni Chopra
Actor, Entrepreneur and Content Creator

I love using organic products on myself and my baby's delicate skin. I’m really enjoying juicy chemistry ’s products formulated with the purest ingredients without any potential irritants. The Fig, Vanilla & Blood Orange Body Butter is my favourite. I specially love their environment friendly packaging and ethical practices.
Shraddha Singh
Motherhood, Style & Sustainability

LOVE this all natural, completely toxin-free deodorant. Formulated with beeswax to moisturise, vitamin C to clarify, bentonite clay to detox, this doesn’t clog pores and improves skin texture. I have used many toxin-free deodorants but this ticks every box - it deodorises efficiently unlike other toxin free options that do NOT work so well. I love the minty/citrus fragrance, which will work for both men and women. The ingredients are certified organic by agencies such as ECOCERT. And obviously they are completely and totally free of sulphates, silicones, parabens etc. I will never stop using this.
Vasudha Rai
Beauty Columnist & Certified Yoga Teacher

I love this product - it’s easy to apply smells and feels great is easily absorbed and made from natural ingredients and it has helped my skin immensely - it helps to clear pigmentation, brighten and even skin tone and helps fight the onset of fine lines and wrinkles ... it’s a must have for me in my night time skin care regiment.
Soha Ali Khan
Actor & Author

For a long time I was ordering clean organic skincare products from uk and usa and was constantly hoping when someone from India would launch something which had an entire range and looked smelt good and got great results. When I heard about juicy chemistry it was about their deos from a friend and that’s when my journey with them started over a year ago. I love their hair oils, scrubs, incense sticks, face oils, face wash, makeup remover, face mists, hair shampoos, conditioners, face and hair masks, lip scrubs and butters, pure essential oils and pretty much everything in their range. I can truly go on and on. Anyone who knows me will vouch for how much I talk about the products and convince ally friends to use it. Infact since their kids range launched that’s been my gift to all new born babies as it’s just wonderful! I find each and every products so beautifully packaged and formulated that I don’t feel like using anything go else. Its truly a godsent for me as it’s a one stop shop and I don’t need to go looking anywhere else!
Monika Bhattacharya
GM - Communications, YRF Films

I love your pure products....most of them have worked for me.And the best part about using JC is that I don't have to worry about what I am putting on my face....I just trust you completely when it comes to quality.Also at one time I was trying to figure out how to use essential oils and what would suit me.It seemed like a whole lot of work trying and testing oils,figuring out the quantities and combinations.So when I found JC I thought what a beautiful compilation of skincare and I could assess the hard work behind it .I normally don't write reviews but I admire excellence and feel good to acknowledge it.Keep up the good work !!
Shalini Shrivastava
Mommy, Blogger & Youtuber

I love most products from JC. The Saffron and Red Raspberry oil is one of those oils that all skin types would enjoy. A healthy dose of vitamin C that doesn’t make my skin greasy but hydrates it fully. It’s one of my favorite facial oils ever!
Nikita Upadhyay
Author, Journalist, & Strategist

If one things for certain, it is that sleep has eluded most of us during this pandemic and the one product iv turned to is my Juicy Chemistry Eye roll on. It soooo soothing and calming and all kinds of ah-mazing!!!
Nauheed Cyrusi
Actor, Model & Influencer

I grew up in Kerala . Before all the luxurious cosmetics, make up and skin care products, I hv had a childhood full of pure happy memories. They are filled with the smell of Wild flowers , Vibhuti and so many Ayurvedic oils. So years later, after shifting towns and homes, I became an actor! The only thing which holds you together under the arch lights are those crazy little things you believe in.. smell of an old home, village and goodness oozing out of those unpolished raw surroundings. Thank you for wrapping my skin, hair and soul in that old world’s goodness once again. From the organic agarbathis to the oils, hair masks.. you have helped me find my roots again ♥️. Pics are unedited and apart from Kajal and lip tint , I have only the red raspberry oil on my face :)
Kavitha Nair
Author, Actor, & Blogger

Being a Nutritionist myself, I understand the importance of organic food and how it can transform our bodies making it stronger internally. Similarly, your skin needs it's doze of organic goodness as well for which I blindly trust Juicy Chemistry. I absolutely swear by their Saffron and Raspberry Facial Oil and the Marula, Argan hair oil (something I choose for my daughters hair too).
Kinita Kadakia Patel
Sports Nutritionist | Weight Manageme

We at Face Palette International Makeup Academy and Makeup Services App in Kerala have been a regular user of Juicy Chemistry products, both for teaching our students during our courses, as well as during the delivery of Makeup Services to prep our client's skin. Since the products are refined in quality, organic and pure, we have found it to have high efficacy while application and it sits really well under makeup. We are extremely happy with the quality and range of products Juicy Chemistry offer to their customers.
Lekshmi Menon
CEO Face Palette Pro Makeup Training Academy

It smells right, feels wonderful , looks beautiful and is good for you and more importantly the environment .
Anaita Shroff
Fashion Director

If there’s one term that aptly defines the @juicy_chemistry brand, it is ‘feel good’. I love how they use fabulously quirky combinations of ingredients in their products! It’s effective, clean and affordable. Undoubtedly, Juicy Chemistry is one of the most reliable organic skincare brands in India today
Shagun Khanna
Lifestyle Influencer

I have used the Helichrysum and Rosehip Facial Oil and Eye roll for dark circles from Juicy Chemistry. The quality of the products are really good. I loved the eye roll on in particular!
Masoom Minawala Mehta
Blogger & Lifestyle Influencer

Loved the awesome smelling non irritant skin care products from juicy chemistry. There ingredients are safe and organic so I loved using the rose water , scrub and the body oil on on my skin without having to worry about any reaction.
Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta
Founder and Medical Director, ISAAC


Loved the prickly pear ,chia and tamanu eye roll-on. It feels like a instant stress relief. Soon going to order another one💕
Namita Khanna
Prickly Pear, Chia and Tamanu Eye Roll-on
It’s gentle & yet very effective. Feel nice & fresh on the skin without feeling dry. I'm so happy I found this face wash 😊
Jenai Mulchandani
Hemp, Tea Tree and Neem Face Wash
I had no expectation but it worked like charm. This worked as soon as 5 days on my stubborn dark circles. Feels so happy I found this.
Vijayshree binnani
Prickly Pear, Chia and Tamanu Eye Roll-on
This is the best natural deodorant stick, I have used. I was on the lookout for something smooth with a nice smell and I finally found it.
Jincy J
Grapefruit & Patchouli Deodorant Stick
I am in love with this lip balm - I cam feel a obvious difference in the texture and dryness though it would have been wonderful if it were
Mrudula Damisetti
Blood Orange & Rosehip Lip Balm
The mask really helps to strengthen hair and smooth ending it and gives a shine to the hair & no need of conditioner to apply thereafter
Swathi B
Neem Butter, Pumpkin & Ginger Hair Mask