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Perk up your Lips with a Natural Lip Care Routine

Taking care of your lips is easy to forget unless it's the winter season. A lip balm alone can not take care of the dry and chapped lips that almost hurt. Similar to a skin care routine, you need to include simple steps in building a natural lip care routine. With these steps, it becomes easier to maintain healthy and plump lips. But first let us see why lips need extra attention and care.

Due to the anatomy of lips, it becomes imperative to keep them hydrated and healthy. There is a difference between the lip and the skin in other parts of your body. The skin on the lips is very thin as compared to the typical facial skin.

Do you know what gives the lips a pinkish color? The blood vessels appearing through the skin of the lips give a pinkish color as the lip skin contains very few melanin cells.

The lips do not have any hair follicle or sweat glands. So they neither sweat nor produce sebum to protect the lip skin from the outside environment. This makes applying a moisturizer regularly to the lips a necessity.

Now let us see the external factors that can make the lips dry, dehydrated and dark along with the lip disorders that can worsen the normal lip conditions.

  1. Environmental factors
    Lips are exposed to the environment more than any other parts of your skin. Harsh, dry and cold weather conditions can easily dry out the lips. Dryness in the air dehydrates the lips and makes them prone to chapping. On the other hand, heat can also make the lips dry.
  2. Sun damage
    Sun's harmful UV rays can darken or dry out the lips as the lip skin is very thin, delicate and has very few melanin cells. If the lips are constantly exposed to harsh sun rays, they can get pigmented, similar to the facial skin.
  3. Licking the lips
    Licking the lips is a habit most people have. Unless you apply a lip balm, licking the lips is not going to hydrate them. Licking not only dehydrates the lips, but can also worsen the chapping condition. As a result, sometimes the lips might even bleed.
  4. Smoking
    Smoking is as bad for your health as it is for your lips. Nicotine and tar, absorbed into the lips while inhaling the cigarette smoke leads to pigmented lips. Avoid smoking if you don't want your lips to darken further.
  5. Inflammation
    Due to dietary deficiencies the corners of the lips can become painful, irritated and turn red. This inflammation is called cheilitis.
  6. Sores
    Symptoms of medical conditions such as oral herpes simplex virus infection or syphilis may develop sores on the lips.

Before heading to the natural lip care routine, let us briefly take a look at the factors determining your routine.

  • Lip conditions to treat - The products determined in your natural lip care routine will depend on the lip conditions you are trying to treat. It may depend on whether you are trying to cure the lip pigmentation or to protect the lips from UV rays. Such lip conditions are treated with lip care products infused with special ingredients.
  • Severity of lip chapping - If you have severely chapped lips, you may have to skip a few steps of the lip care routine. It will help the lips heal fast so that you can continue with a normal lip care routine.
  • Current weather conditions - Cold weather conditions call in for an extensive lip care routine and daily care. In summers you may skip a day or two of your lip care routine and still be good to go. Although we don't recommend skipping the lip care if you have lips that tend to dry out easily.

Natural Lip Care Routine

 To keep the lips soft, smooth and hydrated all year round we have curated a simple yet effective lip care routine. With this routine you can say goodbye to chapped lips.

Cleansing your lips is essentially an important step to follow before you proceed with your lip care routine. Cleansing your lips removes traces of pollution, lip makeup or tinted lip balm worn during the day. You can use your makeup remover or lip makeup remover for this step. You can even use cold pressed sweet almond oil to remove the lip makeup. If you do not use lipstick, then you may skip this step. After cleansing proceed with the next step.

Exfoliating the lip skin is the best way to remove the dead skin. The safest and best option to exfoliate lips is to use a lip scrub. Lip scrubs are not only formulated for the delicate lip skin but are also made with emollient ingredients along with tiny sugar particles. Use a lip scrub with a light hand for 15-20 seconds, gently remove it and proceed with further steps. This step is to be followed once a week. In case of severely chapped lips, you may skip this step. You can check the following range of gentle lip scrubs

Masking your lips before applying a lip balm can help in getting soft, plump lips. Apply a few drops of cold pressed argan oil or cold pressed almond oil on the lips and leave on for 10 minutes. Wipe off with a soft cloth and proceed with the next step.

Moisturizing the lips to condition and soften them is the next step in the routine. Lip balms are formulated to moisturize and prevent drying of lips due to the environmental factors. The moisturizing oils and butters in the natural lip balms penetrate deep into the skin cells while healing them. You can check antioxidant rich lip balms made with hydrating lip butters and oils from the lip care range of Juicy Chemistry

Sun damage of lips can be reduced by applying Juicy Chemistry Camellia & Red Raspberry Certified Natural Sunscreen beneath the normal lip balm or a lip balm containing sunscreen. Protecting your lips from Sun's UV rays is very important especially if you are heading out. This step is to be followed only during the day.

Frequently Asked Questions on Natural Lip Care Routine

  1. How can I take care of my lips naturally?
    For taking care of the lips naturally you need to follow a dedicated lip care routine of cleansing, exfoliating, masking, moisturizing and protecting.
  2. How can I make my lips naturally pink?
    A well balanced diet and natural lip care routine will help in making the lips naturally pink. Protecting the lips from Sun's UV rays also helps in enhancing the pink color by reducing lip pigmentation.
  3. What heals lips fast?
    The nourishing and healing properties of a natural lip balm heals the lips fast. Apply a good lip balm daily without fail. Lip balms work really well when used overnight or reapplied at regular intervals during the day.
  4. What oil is good for your lips?
    Argan oil or Sweet Almond oil is good for chapped, dry lips. Use lip balms infused with them or simply mask the lips with any one of the above mentioned oils for 10 minutes before wiping off, to relieve the dryness.

Hope the above mentioned natural lip care routine helps you to maintain healthy and plump lips.