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Hibiscus Oil For Hair: Benefits And How To Use It

Hibiscus has some wonderful benefits for your skin and hair. Hibiscus (scientific name rosa-sinensis) or “rose of China") is a flowering plant of the Hibisceae tribe. 

It is a bushy, evergreen shrub that blooms beautiful flowers during the summer and autumn seasons. Hibiscus in Hindi is called gudhal.

The large trumpet-shaped flowers have five petals and bloom in different colours like red, orange, pink, white, yellow, purple, and peach. 

Though most of the hibiscus flowers have no fragrance, few of the special species have a modest aroma. Hibiscus oil for hair is extracted from the flowers of the hibiscus plant, which have a light, sweet aroma. Being rich in antioxidants, lipids, Vitamin A and C and Amino acids, hibiscus oil is used as an effective hair remedy to boost hair growth.

Hibiscus For Hair Growth – Can It Really Regrow Hair?

Hibiscus is widely used in Ayurveda and beauty products to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. We use it in various forms like powders, oils, etc. for hair. It is generally recognised as safe by U.S. Food and Drug Administration but should be used cautiously.

Studies have been found where hibiscus flower and leaf extracts were used for hair regrowth. The hair follicles were observed for 30 days by in vivo and in vitro methods. 

The results proved that hibiscus hair oil has the potency for hair regrowth. Though the studies were done on animals, human scientific studies are still awaited.

How To Use Hibiscus Oil To Grow Hair And Make It Stronger?

Hibiscus oil is used in various herbal hair oils for added benefits. It improves blood circulation, makes hair follicles stronger and replenishes the scalp. Regular usage of hibiscus oil helps to have stronger and healthier hair.

Hibiscus oil for hair can be added to a carrier and essential oil to be more effective on the scalp and hair. Here is an effective way to use Hibiscus oil to grow hair and make it stronger. Follow it every week to see better results:
  1. 1. Mix hibiscus oil with a few other carriers like coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, etc.
  2. 2. Apply the oil onto the scalp and massage for 7-10 minutes.
  3. 3. Let the oil seep into the scalp for 30-40 minutes.
  4. 4. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo.
  5. 5. Apply a conditioner to seal the moisture and have softer, healthier hair.

    Hibiscus Benefits For Hair

    Hibiscus is easily available in online and offline markets. Hence, it is widely used by households to solve their hair problems. Here are some benefits of hibiscus for hair:
      1.  1. Stimulates hair growth - Hibiscus provides necessary nutrients to the hair, making it healthier and stronger from the roots. The amino acids present in hibiscus produce protein for hair, known as keratin. Keratin is a protective protein that makes hair stronger and less prone to breakage. It also improves the thickness and volume of hair strands, making them soft and manageable. So, include hibiscus in your hair care routine and let it do the magic. 
    1. 2. Promotes Hair Growth - As the studies indicate that hibiscus helps to  regrow hair, so it is a good ingredient to treat early baldness. When used correctly, it can help in hair regrowth. Use it twice a week on your scalp and take a balanced diet to see effective results.
    2. 3. Treats Scalp Problems - If you have an oily scalp or dandruff then hibiscus is the solution for it. Hibiscus acts like a natural astringent and maintains the pH balance of your scalp. It also helps to reduce oil secretion by glands, itchiness and dandruff.
    3. 4. Makes Hair Smooth - Hibiscus has multiple properties for hair and conditioning hair is one of them. It is rich in nutrients and repairs the damage, leaving hair soft, smooth and conditioned. If your hair is dry and frizzy then include hibiscus to add nourishment and seal the moisture content on your hair strands.
    4. 5. Prevents Premature Greying - Hibiscus is used in natural dyes and hair masks to prevent premature greying of hair. It is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that improve melanin production. Melanin is the naturally occurring pigment that makes hair darker. Using hibiscus for hair reduces the chances of premature greying and gives the natural colour to the hair.

      How to Use Hibiscus for Hair?

      There are many uses of hibiscus flowers and leaves to solve various hair problems, but how can you use them? Here are few home remedies to use them effectively: 
      1. 1. Hibiscus Oil at Home - Take 5 hibiscus flowers and 5 hibiscus leaves. Grind them into a fine paste. Warm a cup of coconut oil or almond oil and add the paste to it. Keep the mixture aside to let it cool down. After 10 minutes your hibiscus oil is ready!

      Section your hair and apply hibiscus oil to your scalp. Massage well for -7 minutes and leave it on for 30 minutes. Later, wash your scalp and hair with a mild shampoo. Apply leave-in conditioner.

      1. 2. Hibiscus Hair Mask - Take 5 hibiscus flowers and 5 hibiscus leaves. Grind them to form a paste. Add a cup of yogurt to the mixture and form a smooth paste. Apply the mask all over your scalp and hair. Leave it for 45-50 minutes. Wash your hair with lukewarm water. Later, wash your scalp and hair with a mild shampoo. Apply leave-in conditioner.
      2. 3. Hibiscus Shampoo - Hibiscus has a good lathering property, so it is easy to formulate hibiscus shampoo. You can include hibiscus shampoo in your haircare routine. It will clean your scalp, nourish it and keep hair manageable. It also keeps oil secretion glands in check, reducing the occurrence of itchiness, dandruff and other infections.
      3. 4. Hibiscus Conditioner - Hibiscus conditions hair and makes them soft and smoother. You can apply hibiscus paste (grind hibiscus flowers and leaves with water to form a paste) over hair strands (after hair wash) and leave it for 5 minutes. Rinse your hair and let it air dry.

      JC's Range Of Products Enriched With Hibiscus Oil

      Juicy Chemistry uses Ecocert (France) COSMOS V3 standard Certified Hibiscus Oil as an ingredient in various products.
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      Hibiscus, Amla & Bhringaraj Hair Oil: This is a nourishing hair oil that stimulates blood circulation, revitalises hair follicles, restores natural hair colour and improves hair texture.
      Kakadu Plum, Matcha & Blood Orange Face MaskKakadu Plum, Matcha & Blood Orange Face Mask: This face mask nourishes, hydrates and improves skin health. It also makes the skin clearer and reduces the damage caused by the sun.

      Hibiscus oil for hair has some amazing benefits but we highly recommend patch tests and using it with caution. Don’t overuse! Take professional guidance if necessary.


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