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Cracked Skin: Causes And Remedies

How To Get Rid Of Cracked Skin

Cracked skin is one of the most common skincare issues faced during winters. But some people may experience it around the year too if they have chronic dry skin.
Due to lack of adequate moisture, the skin on your hands, legs and face can start forming small cracks. If left uncared for, cracked skin on fingers and other areas of the body can intensify and even lead to painful cracks. 
While in most cases slathering a suitable moisturiser on the affected area suffices, sometimes they may require additional measures. But before we delve into different ways to get rid of cracked skin, here are some of the top causes for cracked fingertips, face, hands and legs.

Causes Of Cracked Skin Condition

  • Cold Weather: During winters, the humidity levels in the atmosphere drop which leaves our skin dehydrated. Even spending long hours in an air-conditioned environment can have a similar effect on our skin. And if we don’t apply enough moisturiser, the skin can dry out completely forming small cracks. 
  • Dry Skin: Some people have dry skin type which leaves their skin thirsty for moisture around the year. Also known as xerosis, dry skin is prone to cracking when left uncared for.
  • Damaged Skin Barrier: Inappropriate skin care products, improper skin care routine, or even using hot water for bathing regularly can hamper the skin’s protective barrier. This can leave your skin parched and may lead to cracked hands and legs. 
  • Humidity: Just like lack of humidity in the air can lead to dehydrated skin, excess humidity can also leave the skin dry and irritated. Too much water can strip sway sebum leaving your skin feeling dry and cracked.
  • Skin disorders: Certain skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis can also lead to extreme dryness in various parts of the body. It forms dry, scaly patches which can turn into cracked, bleeding skin.
  • Frequent Washing: These days, a lot of people wash their hands too often or use alcohol-based sanitisers frequently throughout the day. These can prove to be harsh on your hands and lead to cracked fingertips due to excessive dryness.
  • Allergies: If you have cracked skin on fingers only, it could also be a result of contact allergy caused due to ingredients present in your handwasher, dishwashing liquid or sanitisers. Similarly, cracked skin on face could be caused due to your facial care products.

11 Ways To Get Rid Of Cracked Skin Condition

  • Moisturise Your Skin Daily:
    The key to preventing as well removing cracked skin is to moisturise your skin well every day. There are different types of moisturisers available in the market that are rich in emollients like kokum butter, jojoba oil, and mango butter. 
    They help seal the cracks and prevent moisture loss from your skin. Use them every day after a shower to keep your skin well moisturised. 
  • Exfoliate Dead Skin:
    Cracked, flaky skin is often a result of dead skin buildup in the area. So exfoliating your skin regularly will also help get rid of this skin condition. Removing dead skin buildup also helps improve the performance of your moisturisers since they can penetrate deeper into the skin. So make sure to use a gentle scrub at least 1-2 times a week if you have dry, cracked skin.
  • Cover Up Your Skin:
    During winters, you can prevent your skin from drying out by simply covering up. If you have cracked fingertips, wear hand gloves to minimise contact with dry air. And if you have cracked feet, wear warm socks to protect them. You can also wear gloves while performing household chores to avoid contact with irritants and reduce irritation.
  • Avoid Skin Irritants: 
    Skincare, as well as home care products (like dishwashing liquids/detergents), may contain ingredients that are not suitable for your skin and may dry it out. So if you have dry, cracked skin, try switching to products that are gentle on your skin and formulated especially for dry, sensitive skin types. 
  • Use a Hand/Foot Cream: 
    If you have cracked fingertips or feet, invest in a good hand and foot cream. Such moisturisers are specially formulated to care for dry, cracked skin and provide intense nourishment without making your skin non-greasy. So keep them handy while traveling as well.
  • Rethink your hand hygiene:
    While sanitising your hands helps keep harmful pathogens at bay, limit their use to situations where you don’t have access to water.  Instead, use a hand wash liquid or soap that is formulated especially for dry skin so that it doesn’t strip away sebum from your hands. And always apply a hand cream afterward, to avoid cracked skin on fingers.
  • Use Cold Water:
    While showering or washing your face, use either cold or warm water as hot water can dry out your skin. Also, try limiting your shower time to 5-10 minutes as long showers may worsen dry skin conditions. And apply your body moisturiser while your skin is still a bit damp from the shower to seal all the moisture into the skin.
  • Use a Humidifier: 
    If you live in an area with a cold, dry climate around the year. invest in a humidifier. They can help increase moisture in the air which prevents dryness, the key cause for cracked skin.
  • Choose Soothing Ingredients:
    Plenty of natural oils and botanical extracts have anti-inflammatory properties which calm and soothe dry, irritated skin. So while shopping for skincare products, watch ingredient labels for such ingredients. Some good options to try are jojoba oil, chamomile, calendula, aloevera, coconut oil, etc.
  • Wear Lip Balm:
    Dry, cracked skin can also be seen on your face, especially on the lips. The skin on your lips has no sebaceous glands and hence, tends to dry out and crack easily. So use moisturising lip butter every day to keep your lips nourished, soft and plump.
  • Seek a Dermatologist: 
    If all these home remedies for dry cracked hands and feet don’t work, it may be time to visit a dermatologist for their professional advice. They will help diagnose any health or skin conditions responsible for cracked skin and suggest medications for the same.

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  1. Can I use cold-pressed oils to prevent cracked skin?
    Yes, cold-pressed oil has excellent moisturising and occlusive capabilities that can help keep you soft and moisturised.
  2. How to remove cracked skin on heels?
    Wear the right footwear, exfoliate your feet bi-weekly and apply a foot cream every night to prevent and get rid of cracked heels. 
  3. Can I use hand and foot cream for cracked elbows too?
    Yes, our hand and foot cream is formulated especially for rough, dry skin and can be used all over your body.
  4. How often should I use hand and foot cream?
    You can use it as frequently as you like during the day to keep your hands and feet moisturised.