5 Must-Have Organic Toners For Your Summer Skin Care Kit From Juicy Chemistry

A skincare routine usually has 3-4 steps – cleanse, tone, treat, and protect. Out of these, toning your skin is considered unessential at times. However, this simple step has plenty of upsides for your skin. Let's learn more about organic toner.

What Is A Organic Toner?

An organic toner is a watery skin care formulation made with steam-distilled hydrosols and plant extracts. It is often used to rehydrate your skin after you wash your face.

What Does A Organic Toner Do?

A organic toner is the next step after your cleansing process. It provides hydration, rebalances the pH of your skin barrier, removes any residue from your cleanser, and refreshes your skin.

How To Use Organic Toner?

Method 1:

Wash your face and neck with a mild cleanser and pat dry. Take some toner in a cotton pad and swipe it across your skin to remove any residual dirt. Follow with a natural serum or moisturiser.

Method 2:

Your toner can be used as a hydrating mist. After using a mild cleanser to wash your face and neck, close your eyes and spray some toner on your skin. Pat it in with your fingertips for a few seconds to promote absorption. Follow with a natural serum or facial oil to seal the moisture.

Who Should Use Organic Toners?

Everyone can use facial toners. People with oily and acne-prone skin can benefit from organic toners' astringency and refreshing nature. Those who experience dryness or dehydration can use a natural toner to add a layer of hydration to their skin.

Why Is Organic Toner Important For Skin Care?

  • Hydration:

    Using a toner in your routine can help rehydrate your face and prevent it from feeling dry and stretchy post-cleansing. It also makes your skin appear dewy and supple.

  • Improved Barrier Function:

    Toners balance the pH of your skin, which supports healthy barrier function.

  • Enhanced Absorption Of Ingredients:

    Research shows that if your skin has higher water content, it will absorb moisturisers faster. Using a toner on your skin can help the serums, facial oils, or moisturisers used in later steps absorb into your skin more effectively.

  • Clear Complexion:

    Toners are natural astringents that help remove excess sebum from your skin and prevent your pores from getting clogged. This property helps to prevent acne and dullness.

  • Post-Sun Care:

    Toners can be used as refreshing mists to cool and soothe your skin after sun exposure and prevent inflammation and redness.

How To Choose The Best Organic Toner?

Pick a organic toner that is suitable for your skin type. Toners with antimicrobial ingredients like tea tree, neem, and basil benefit people with oily and acne-prone skin the most, and toners with hydrating ingredients like rose water and aloe vera juice benefit normal to dry skin the most.

5 Must-Have Juicy Chemistry Organic Toners For Your Summer Skin Care Kit


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