The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Organic Lip Balms

Did you know that the skin on our face can go 15-20 layers deep, but the skin on our lips only contains 3-5 layers? In addition, the skin on our lips neither sweats nor produces sebum. This is why our lips get dry and chapped easily. An organic lip balm nourishes dry lips and provides a protective layer for preventing transepidermal water loss (TEWL).

What Is An Organic Lip Balm?

An organic lip balm is a moisturiser for your lips. It is made with ingredients that are sourced from organic farms. Its function is to nourish your lip region and prevent moisture loss.

Why Use Lip Balms?

The skin on your lips and around your mouth is thin. It can absorb certain ingredients quickly. In addition, when you apply anything to your lips, it might also enter your mouth. Hence, it is essential to choose lip care products made with natural and organic ingredients.

Ingredients In Organic Lip Balms

Juicy Chemistry lip balms are made with organic cold-pressed oils for moisturising your lips, different plant butters for nourishment, organic beeswax for soothing and repairing chapped lips, therapeutic essential oils, and the antioxidant vitamin E.

How Do I Choose Lip Balms?

List the concerns you face when taking care of your lips, and then choose a lip balm formulated with ingredients that can reduce those concerns.

To improve lip pigmentation, pick a lip balm with ingredients such as organic rosehip oil, rose oil, lemon essential oil, or sea buckthorn oil, as this help improve the tone of your lips.

If chapped lips are your concern, pick a lip balm with intensely nourishing ingredients such as organic beeswax, cocoa butter, or coconut oil.

How Often Should I Use Lip Balms?

A general rule is to use your lip balm twice - once in your morning routine and once in your nighttime skincare routine. However, if you have dry lips, you may reapply lip balm whenever you need to, especially after you drink water or wipe your mouth.

What Is The Difference Between Lip Balms And Lipsticks?

A lip balm is a skin care product specially formulated to keep your lips moisturised and supple. Some lip balms may contain a little pigment to enhance your lip tone.

Lipstick is a colour cosmetic used to add pigment to your lips. Some lipstick formulas may contain ingredients to nourish your lips too. However, for a smooth lipstick application, use an organic lip scrub and lip balm on your lips beforehand.

Best Juicy Chemistry Organic Lip Balms


Juicy Chemistry lip balms are made with organic ingredients that are gentle on your lips. They moisturise, soften, soothe and repair dry lips and enhance their natural tone.

A lip balm should moisturise your lips during your skincare routine, before applying your lipstick, and after consuming food or drinks.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to prevent dark lips?

    Juicy Chemistry’s Blood Orange And Rosehip Lip Balm is clinically proven to improve lip pigmentation. It can be layered over our Lip Conditioning Serum, which is rich in natural fruit acids and vitamin C to enhance your lips' tone.

    We also suggest using the Blood Orange And Rosehip Lip Scrub twice a week and using sunscreen on your lips.

  • Which lip balm should I use for very dry lips?

    Juicy Chemistry’s Damask Rose And Fig Lip Balm is made with jojoba oil, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and avocado oil to provide deep nourishment to dry and chapped lips. It can be layered over our Lip Conditioning Serum for long-lasting hydration.

  • Is the Chocolate And Peppermint Lip Balm tinted?

    Our Chocolate And Peppermint Lip Balm is naturally tinted with organic cocoa powder. But it goes sheer on your lips. It does not tint your lips brown.


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