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Not effective

I have little chapped lips on the edges , have heard great things about juicy chem lipbalms ,have tried blood orange one in the past and that was great and balm like , been regularly applying this since 2 + weeks , seeing no much effect at all and it's not very balmy so doesn't stay long on the lips either . But smells great and the cooling feel is nice

amazing product

It gives u very sound and deep sleep .

I got it in two shades: Terracotta and Lychee, The shades are absolutely stunning, will complemet so many skintones effortlessly. The smooth application and intense pigmentation make them a go-to for a quick, bold look. Plus, they last for hours without fading. A must-have for anyone seeking vibrant, long-lasting lip color!

stole my heart

this night cream is so moisturizing. i have very dry skin. the aroma is also plesant. it bit thick. rub between fingers to melt it and dont rub it hard on face. just little strokes upwards and gives a little glow at end. not a big fan of creams. but this stole my heart forever. ♥️

loved it

i have used many organic eye creams. but this jc eye cream stole my heart. the nourishment it gaves and relax my eyes feel is unmatchable. smell is calming to mind . this mini tub goes long way. only pea amount is required. very impressive. my lifetime skincare friend.♥️

Great work with reducing lip pigmentation

The Blood Orange and Rosehip lip balm helped in reducing the lip pigmentation for me. I could see the difference in just 15-20 days. The texture of the lip balm is very unique and something I have not seen with any lip balms. It's so balmy and soft that it melts like butter. The fragrance is addictive too. I have used the lip balm along with the lip conditioning serum from Juicy Chemistry.
Just one suggestion, please increase the quantity so thay we enjoy it more and more. Please don't change the formula. Definitely going to repurchase.

Creamy formulation

This concealer is so creamy my shade(husk) the formulation is so creamy and blend effortlessly, perfect to conceale those dark circles.

Antler - Beautiful Everyday Nude Pink

Absolutely love my new colour chemistry lipstick and blown away by how gorgeously pigmented these lipsticks are. I love how these lipsticks don't dry my already dry lips and yet manage to stay matte as long as they can. I personally don't mind having to touch up a couple of times a day when I see how beautifully these lipsticks sit on my lips. Highly recommend for anyone who loves a bit of colour to brighten their otherwise mundane day.

I have mixed feelings about this product.

I've been usin JC's lip balm for about a year now, so I was very excited about this cream, because I've been looking for something that can help with my face's dryness and dullness, and since the product boasts of helping with hyperpigmentation, I was looking for a more even complexion around my eyes and lips.
Maybe my piece was from a bad batch, but the product is very grainy and tough to work with and I have to rub it harshly on my face to apply it. Even after a consistent use of a month and a half, I don't see a difference in the glow and the hyperpigmentation. I now use it like Vaseline for slugging... because I can't seem to figure out what else to do with it.
That said, I really like the way this product smells!


The perfect compact.. I have oily skin.. This compact keeps my face shine free yet gives my skin a beautiful glow. Perfect formulation.. stays on the skin all day. The wearability is super good. Over all, an amazing compact. Absolutely love it.

Just looking like a wow!!

I had to say this!! I bought 10ml hemp seed oil and been using it for past 2 days in the night. Though I couldn’t see the difference in my acne( coz it’s just 2 days of using) but I could feel my skin so supple soft and hydrated in the morning. It doesn’t cause any breakout or irritation . Doesn’t feel heavy on skin (ps I’m super oily and acne prone skin) I loved it a lot❤️ so thought to have hands on 30ml bottle also. Thank you JC for this love😍😍

Lightweight formula

I have used many renowned brands from the market but never felt so light and smooth on the skin Color chemistry concealer does what it says , it is buildable medium-to-high coverage, blendable, it helps conceal redness, blemishes & discoloration.
It gives a flawless and seamless finish to the skin and it is also a multipurpose product as you can color
correct , conceal and contour at the same time.
I loved everything about the product.

Lavendar mist

Why did you discontinue Lavendar mist? Please bring it back...


Love the shade honey. Suitable for all brown skin. Give a matte finish but not at all drying

Best compact

This is one of my favourite compact. This blends into the skin effortlessly. It gives satin matte finish. I love this compact

Freesia- Perfect shade of Red

We always look for that perfect shade of red that will compliment our Indian skin tone and I finally got my hands on Freesia.
The formula is amazing, glides like butter on lips and super pigmented.

Best packaging ever 🤎

I love the pencil brown packaging. It's so cute and very comfortable to wear.. I love it🤎🤍

Amazing compact

Loved the compact so much. It blends like a dream and the shade aura matches my skin tone perfectly. Love how stunning Color chemistry products are. Matches and evens out my skin tone and pigmentation too

Rusha Nath. Kumari

This creamy-matte formula helps conceal redness, blemishes & dark spots, correct discoloration & reduce the appearance of dark circles. Offering a buildable medium-high coverage, this concealer is formulated to blend into the skin seamlessly and gives an even skin-like finish

Best toner

I love this bulgarian rose water from juicy chemistry. Best toner I have ever used till now😍. Its very hydrating and refreshing and I totally recommend all of you to try this.

A question

Maroon and the color of rose that is dark pink is my shade, could you guide me as to which colour will suit me from your pallette

Best Lip And Cheek Tint Ever I've used

This lip & cheek crayon is my current favourite. Very lightweight and comfortable formula. I also use this as blush and it blends like a dream. I'm using it in day to day life.

Very comfortable formula

This lip & cheek crayon is my current obsession. I'm using it in day to day life. Very lightweight and comfortable formula. I also use this as blush and it blends like a dream. Definitely buy more shades.

Beautiful formula!

Love the crayon formula of this concealer, travel friendly and blends smoothly. Shade range is also pretty good. If you’re not a fan of thick liquid concealers, go for this one!