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hairfall reduced

drastic change in my hair

The best

The bestest lipbalm in town! It do really reduce pigmentation but one should use it religiously without do miracles

amazing product

This lip balm is so nourishing and hydrating. I love it!

It really improved my skin texture within 2 months. I'm glad that I've used it.

Vitamin C Brightening Serum

Great product

It's wow! Absolutely loved it
Thank You JC.

Good fragrance and effective

Can have better packaging


Thanks for your feedback

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Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Carrier Oil

Lip balm really good

Hi! I have been using your lip balm for past 6 months and it’s really good!! Not only it made my lips soft but on regular usage, has even removed my pigment to some extent. And I also would like to appreciate their customer service. I wanted my order early last time for my cousin abroad and they promptly delivered within two days! Keep up the good work and I would recommend your products for my friends as well

BHA Clarifying Serum


It's the best aloe gel I have ever tried. I received it yesterday and obviously had to try it. Applied to frizzy hair, which was dry after henna application. Immediately calmed the frizz down..and used it in my skincare after cleansing, before actives. There was no piling. Thank you JC 🌟

Awesome baby oil

it's the best baby oil and non sticky . I am using the same since last 6 months l.

Awesome for baby skin

One of the best brand and baby loves luicy chemistry Vitamin E oil and it is not at all sticky. I am using the same since last 6 months

Awesome products

Instant Result

I purchased this oil for my daughter.
She has dandruff issues.Using this before shampoo reduced the dandruff immensely.

Blood Orange and Rosehip Lip Balm

In love with this

I love the smell and texture of this product. It helps keep that oilness in control.

Rosehip, Coconut and Calendula Rash Balm

Blood Orange and Rosehip Lip Balm

Beginner Friendly Kit for Acne and Scars

Great product!

Not too strong or harsh to the hair. A good buy for the 1+1 offer available on the website.

please reply

Can we use it in face?


We have replied to you over email , we tried contacting you however not contactable

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Team JC

Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Carrier Oil

Lovely product..