Best Rose Water Sourced From Bulgaria

Why do we source Rose Water from Bulgaria?

We are often asked that despite being able to extract Steam Distilled Rose Water for face here, in India, why does JC go this extra mile to get it extracted, all the way from Bulgaria? Well, the answer is quality!
Yes, roses do grow in India but the best ones grow in Bulgaria. Because Bulgaria, also known as “Gullestan” (land of roses) has to offer the best climatic and soil conditions to yield the most premium quality of roses, the Damask Rose and White Rose! 
Thanks to the Bulgarian climate and soil, the Damask Rose grown in this region is known to have over 280 components which makes it most desirable and precious for its aroma, longevity and intricacy.

The Bulgarian Climate

The Bulgarian rose valley witnesses a specific climate with long hot springs and short mild winters which is just appropriate to offer the perfect humid, warm weather to grow the best quality of roses. 
Heavy rains during May - June play a crucial role too with an average monthly precipitation of 80 - 100 mm per square metre. These favourable climatic conditions prolong the flowering period, minimise oil evaporation thereby enhancing the yield of oil and its quality.
The mountains surrounding the valley protect the crops from unfavourable winds and the two river streams provide optimum water for the growth of roses.

The Bulgarian Soil

The precious roses love airy, sandy and clay-free soil and that is exactly what the Bulgarian rose valley has to offer. The primary soil is Cinnamon Forest soil, mixed with sand and rubble and some formed alluvial soil types and subtypes created by the gathering of river mineralisation.

The Bulgarian Farmers

Roses have been an integral part of the Bulgarian heritage and hold a special place in the hearts of the farmers for ages. Roses are so deeply embedded in their culture that they even host festivals dedicated to this one flower. 
The Bulgarian farmers have been cultivating roses since time immemorial and have passed down the know-how through generations. The farmers have incomparable expertise and valuable experience of growing and harvesting the best quality roses in the world

Harvesting of Roses

Mid May to early June marks the harvesting season for Bulgarian farmers. The Roses are plucked early morning before the sunrise when the morning dew is still resting on the petals of this precious flower and kept in willow branch baskets (as they do not absorb the dew). Why? Because roses picked before sunrise are known to have 50% more rose oil concentrate. 
The roses are then steam distilled to extract Rose Water and Rose Oil. While on average 1 kg of rose petals are required to extract 1 kg of rose water, 50000 rose petals are required to make just 1 mg of pure rose essential oil. That explains why this precious oil is called ‘Liquid Gold’!

Juicy Chemistry’s Bulgarian Rose Water

Our rose water is an intoxicating blend of Damask Rose (Rosa Damascena) and White Rose (Rosa Alba) waters. It is extracted through single steam distillation of the rose petals, owing to which it retains the precious rose oil drops too. 
Rose water benefits and uses are endless. This organic and pure rose water toner supports the natural cell regeneration process and tones your skin. It also helps restore the youthfulness and suppleness of your skin while balancing the oil secretion. And its anti-inflammatory properties help calm and soothe the skin.



Our Bulgarian Rose Water is Certified Organic, Dermatologically Tested for safety and is also Clinically proven to improve and enhance skin tone, brightness and radiance. The best rose water in India indeed. Shop here.


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