10 Effective Ways to Fade Away Dark Circles in 6 weeks

How To Fade Away Dark Circles In 6 Weeks?

Dark circles are one of the most common beauty concerns among people of all ages and genders. Often a result of inconsistent lifestyle choices or genetic conditions, they can make your face appear dull or mature. While dark circles don’t pose a threat to our health, many of us wish for even skin tone under our eyes. Let us understand the reason behind under eye hyperpigmentation and learn how to reduce dark circles effectively.

Common Reasons For Dark Circles

1. Eye Strain -

Spending long screen hours in front of a digital screen every day is a major cause of developing dark circles around your eyes. The blue light emitted from the screen strains and enlarges the blood vessels around the eyes leading to prominent dark circles.

2. Ageing -

The collagen and fat deposits in our skin start breaking down as we age. The skin becomes thinner and the dark blood vessels beneath the skin become more visible causing our under eye area to appear darker.

3. Sun Exposure -

The UV rays from the sun can trigger our body to increase melanin production. This can lead to hyperpigmentation and form dark circles in the undereye area. 

4. Dehydration -

Not drinking enough water can cause dark circles. When our body is dehydrated, it causes the under eye area to have a sunken appearance.

5. Genetics -

Sometimes your genetic composition can make you vulnerable to dark circles despite following a healthy lifestyle. If your family has a history of dark circles, you are likely to get them too.

6. Sleep Deprivation -

Not sleeping enough every day or even oversleeping can lead to dark circles. Sleep deprivation leads to eye fatigue and causes the blood vessels beneath your eyes to become prominent.

7. Allergies -

When we have an allergic reaction, our body releases histamines as a response. They can cause the blood vessels around the eyes to dilate and become more visible.

8. Rubbing Eyes -

Rubbing your eyes too often or even scratching them can irritate the blood vessels underneath. The skin in the under eye area is thin, hence, rubbing it often can cause dark circles.

How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles?

If you are looking for solutions on how to remove dark circles this year, here are some changes that can make a difference -

1. Sleep Well -

A good night’s sleep is crucial to prevent and remove dark circles. Make sure you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep. Keep your sleep schedule consistent, i.e., sleep and wake up at the same time every day. Resting your eyes will help reduce eye fatigue and improve the appearance of dark circles.

2. Reduce Screen Time -

Monitor the time you spend watching TV, or using your phone/laptop every day and try to limit it as much as you can. Switch off all devices at least an hour before going to bed to improve sleep quality.

3. Be Gentle With Eyes -

Avoid rubbing or scratching your eyes. While applying or removing makeup or using under eye cream, avoid tugging the eye area.  

4. Use Brightening Ingredients -

Ingredients such as Vitamins A and C can help brighten the under eye area and reduce the appearance of dark circles. Vitamin C also helps increase collagen production, which reduces under eye sagging.

5. Hydrate Yourself -

Drinking at least 2-3 litres of water every day can help keep your skin hydrated. Choose skin care products that are hydrating and don’t strip away moisture from your skin. Also, reduce consumption of alcohol and coffee as they tend to have a dehydrating effect on the body.

6. Elevate Your Head -

While sleeping, use an extra pillow to elevate your head. This will prevent fluid from accumulating under your eyes and keep dark circles and puffy eyes at bay. 

7. Use Cold Compress -

Soaking a cotton pad in cold water and leaving it on your eyes for a few minutes can also help reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. The cooling effect constricts your blood vessels and helps lighten dark circles. You can also use cold tea bags or cucumber slices.

8. Nourish Yourself -

Nutrition plays a key role in maintaining good health. Include whole grains, nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables in your diet to provide your body with all the essential nutrients it needs to function properly. This will help to improve your skin’s health and reduce dark circles.

9. Reduce Sun Exposure -

Avoid spending too much time in the sun, especially between 11-4 pm as UV radiation is strongest during this period. When you step outside, wear UV protective sunglasses and apply broad-spectrum sunscreen to prevent dark circles.

10. Use Organic Eye Cream For Dark Circles -

Using an under eye cream for dark circles is recommended because it is especially formulated to take care of your delicate under eye region. It keeps your under-eye skin and eyelids moisturised and nourished. When used consistently along with the lifestyle changes listed above, an organic eye cream can help reduce dark circles considerably.

Juicy Chemistry’s Eye Care Kit For Reducing Dark Circles

Our Organic Eye Care Kit is especially curated to reduce dark circles and fine lines under your eyes in 6-8 weeks. Here are the products inside the kit -

  • Prickly Pear, Chia, and Tamanu Eye Roll On is a lightweight, fast-absorbing serum that hydrates and nourishes the delicate under eye area. It is clinically proven to reduce dark circles and under eye wrinkles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dark circles related to nutrition deficiencies?

Yes, lack of essential nutrients in your body, or suffering from any health condition for a long time can affect your body’s functioning and show up on your skin in the form of dark circles.

When should I use eye cream?

We recommend using an eye cream or eye serum twice a day to reduce dark circles.

How to remove dark circles permanently?

Implementing the lifestyle changes listed above and using an organic eye cream for dark circles can help you in removing your dark circles overtime.

Can I use eye cream in my 20s?

Yes, it is never too early to start using eye cream to prevent or reduce dark circles.

Can I use eye cream if I have sensitive skin?

Yes, but we recommend conducting a patch test first.


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