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A Complete Guide To Aloe Vera Gel: Benefits, Ingredients And How To Use It?

Aloe vera gel is used as a herbal remedy in many cultures. Its properties and uses are well known in today’s time. Legend says that Alexander The Great, upon the advice of the famous philosopher Aristotle, conquered an island in Africa simply because it had abundant aloe vera plants for treating his wounded soldiers after battle. Let’s find out some more benefits of using pure aloe vera on our skin and learn how to use aloe vera as an organic skin care moisturiser.

What Is Aloe Vera?

Aloe vera is a species of succulent plants that often grows in the wild. It has numerous benefits for your health, skin and hair, hence, many people like to grow aloe vera plants in their homes too. The aloe plant has thick, green leaves that contain a gelatinous flesh known as aloe vera gel. It is gooey and often sticky, which makes it a wonderful humectant for all skin types.

Benefits Of Aloe Vera for Skin

  • Moisturises Skin

    Aloe vera gel is a natural moisturiser. It contains bioactive compounds known as polysaccharides that increase your skin’s capacity to retain moisture, keeping it plump for long hours.

  • Soothes Redness

    Inflammation is your skin’s response to an allergy or injury. It can cause your skin to become red, swollen and painful. Aloe vera is a natural anti-inflammatory agent. It soothes redness and inflammation in your skin and gives it relief.

  • Hydrates Dry Patches

    Using organic aloe vera gel in your skin care routine can improve the appearance of dry and patchy skin in the long run.

  • Repairs Barrier

    Vitamins, amino acids, minerals and enzymes present in aloe vera gel promote tissue repair and wound-healing. By hydrating and repairing your skin’s barrier, aloe vera gel also enhances the absorption of serums and oils into your skin

  • Cools Sunburn

    Aloe vera gel has been used as an age-old remedy to cool sunburn and minimise the symptoms of sun damage.

Side Effects Of Aloe Vera

Certain extracts of aloe vera can cause hives or bumps on your skin if you are allergic to them. We recommend doing a patch test on your jawline before using aloe vera or aloe vera based products on your skin to check for signs of irritation.

Ingredients To Look for In Aloe Vera Gel

To recognise true aloe vera gel, read its label and make sure that aloe vera juice is the first ingredient in the formulation. Ensure that it has no added fragrance or colours. Pick an aloe vera gel made with organic aloe vera juice for best results.

How To Use Aloe Vera Gel as An Organic Skin Care Moisturiser?

  • Step 1 -

    Cleanse your skin with a mild cleanser. Follow with an organic toner. This step will allow aloe vera gel to absorb into your skin properly.

  • Step 2 -

    Take 2-3 pumps of organic aloe vera gel in your palm and apply it to your skin. Once it gets completely absorbed, you can apply it again if your skin needs more hydration. This is known as layering.

  • Step 3 -

    Massage 2 drops of an organic facial oil on your skin at the end of your routine to seal the moisture.

About Juicy Chemistry’s Aloe Vera Gel

At Juicy Chemistry, we realise that aloe vera gel is an unmissable part of your skin care routine. This is why Juicy Chemistry’s Aloe Vera Gel is formulated with 100% pure, certified organic, concentrated aloe vera juice. It is suitable for using on your face, body, as well as hair.

We always focus on choosing gentle ingredients for your skin, which is why our aloe vera gel is preserved with ECOCERT safe preservatives and is dermatologically tested. We recommend it for all skin and hair types.




Aloe vera gel is extracted from the flesh of aloe vera leaves. It has natural moisturising and cooling properties for your skin.

Juicy Chemistry’s aloe vera gel is made with 100% pure and organic aloe vera juice. It can be used to hydrate and soothe your skin and scalp effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many times can I use aloe vera gel on my skin?

    Aloe vera gel can be used after cleansing and toning your skin twice a day. You can also use it to soothe skin irritation every few hours.

  • Is aloe vera edible?

    Freshly extracted aloe vera juice and gel are orally consumed for their health benefits by many people. However, Juicy Chemistry’s aloe vera products are only suitable for external application on your skin and scalp.

  • Does aloe vera lighten tan?

    Aloe vera does provide relief to your skin after your barrier is exposed to sunlight. However, to lighten tan successfully, apply a few drops of our AHA Polishing Serum or Vitamin C Brightening Serum to your skin before applying aloe vera gel. Use broad spectrum sunscreen during the day and protect your skin from direct sun exposure as much as possible.