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Hair Care

Organic Hair Conditioners: Benefits, How to Use and Best Juicy Chemistry Products

Hair washing is an important step in hair care, and shampoos are an indispensable part of this routine. But a good hair wash routine is incomplete without a good hair conditioner.

A conditioner is a cream or balm for hair made up of moisturizing ingredients that moisturise and nourish the hair strands. The ingredients penetrate the hair shaft to replenish the moisture lost while washing your hair with shampoo. There are various options based on your hair’s need, type, and dryness levels.

Should I Use A Organic Hair Conditioner?

A conditioner is an essential product to get soft, smooth, and glossy tresses that are easy to manage and style. The moisturising ingredients instantly make your hair smooth to touch and help your hair look healthy.

They also make it easier to comb your hair and make detangling the knots easier by lubricating the hair. If you have dry, damaged or frizzy hair, using a organic hair conditioner will make your hair silky soft while also taming the flyaways and frizzy ends.

How To Apply Oragnic Hair Conditioner?

Hair conditioners are used immediately after shampoo while the hair is still wet. There are two types of hair conditioners, leave-in conditioners and rinse-off conditioners.

After shampooing your hair, squeeze out the excess water from the hair.
Then take the required quantity of conditioner based on your hair length and thickness and spread it on hair starting from the middle and going down to the rough ends.

If it is a rinse-off formulation, wait for 5 minutes before using plain water to rinse away the conditioner. But if it is a leave-in formulation, there is a need to rinse. You can simply detangle your hair and then let it air dry.

Benefits Of Using Organic Hair Conditioners

  • They Don’t Cause Product Build-Up

    Conventional conditioners contain ingredients that form a film on the hair to lock moisture. But over time, they may build up on the hair and weigh it down.

    Organic hair conditioners on the other hand are made with nourishing plant butters and oils that are easy to wash off yet provide that protective film on the hair.

  • They Can Repair Hair Damage.

    Chemical treatments and frequent use of heat styling tools can damage the cuticle which allows the moisture to escape and leave the hair dehydrated. Plant oils and butters present in organic hair conditioners are rich in fatty acids that seal the cuticle to prevent moisture loss and impart a shine to hair so that your hair looks healthy once again.

  • They Tame Frizz Hair

    Dryness is a major cause of frizzy hair. Organic hair conditioners have nourishing ingredients that help eliminate dryness to keep frizzy hair and flyaways at bay

  • They Make Hair More Manageable

    It is easier to comb your hair after using conditioners as they reduce static friction by lubricating it with oils and softening the hair shaft.

  • They Are Made with Hair-loving Ingredients

    Organic hair conditioners are formulated with gentle and hair-loving ingredients that support healthy, long, and shiny hair. The ingredients are sourced from organically grown plants that are healthier for the soil, environment, and us.

  • They Protect The Hair From Damage

    The antioxidants and vitamins in organic hair conditioner protect the hair from sun exposure and pollution. The protective barrier formed by the oils on the hair also helps reduce damage inflicted by heat styling.

  • They Reduce Hair Breakage

    Hair is weakest when wet so detangling or combing dry hair can lead to a lot of hair breakage. A conditioner helps the comb glide easily through your hair and even reduces split ends by nourishing rough, dry ends.

Best Organic Hair Conditioners From Juicy Chemistry

Camellia, Amla and Apricot Post Hair Wash Balm: A nourishing organic leave-in hair conditioner that moisturises the hair without making it too greasy. It has a balm-like texture that also adds luster to the hair.
All Juicy Chemistry Products are certified organic by Ecocert France as per Cosmos V3 standards.


Using a conditioner after shampooing can transform your hair health and make it easier to manage. So it's time to switch to organic hair conditioners that truly nourish and soften your hair and help it look lustrous and healthy.


  • Will organic hair conditioners suit thin hair?

    Yes, conditioners can be used by all hair types to soften and nourish the hair.

  • How often should a hair conditioner be used?

    A conditioner should be used after every hair wash. But leave-in formulation can be used even without hair wash to tame frizz.