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7 Impressive Benefits of Organic Henna Powder for Hair

If you are looking for a natural way to colour your hair, then you should consider henna powder. Popularly known as ‘Mehendi’ in India, Henna is a flowering plant that has been used for centuries to dye skin, hair, and nails. While it has been used as a hair dye since ancient Egypt civilisation, it is still popular in India as a way to cover grey hair.

Is Organic Henna Powder Good for Hair?

Henna powder is made from the leaves of the Lawsonia inermis plant, which is native to tropical and subtropical regions of Asia, Africa, and Australia. The leaves are dried and ground into a fine powder, which can be used to create a wide range of products, including henna powder for hair.

Unlike conventional hair colours which are made of artificial dyes and known to inflict severe damage in the long run, henna-based organic hair colours are safer. In fact, using a henna-based hair pack improves the health and appearance of your hair and makes it shiny and soft.

Top 7 Impressive Benefits of Organic Henna Powder for Hair

  • Reduces Hair Greying

    While pigments found in henna colour do cover up grey hair, they can also help delay premature greying. Because the natural botanical powders used for making henna paste contain tannins which preserve your natural dark hair colour.

  • Soothes Scalp

    The plant powders used in organic hair colours are rich in polyphenols and flavonoids which have an anti-inflammatory effect. So if you have an itchy, irritated scalp, henna hair colour can help soothe it.

  • Conditions Hair

    Unlike conventional colours that strip moisture from your hair, henna-based colour can will soften your hair. It has a conditioning effect on the hair which improves hair texture and shine to make your hair look healthier and feel well-nourished and healthy

  • Suitable for Sensitive Scalp

    If your scalp gets irritated after using conventional hair dyes, don’t worry. Henna is very gentle and can suit even the most sensitive scalp. It maintains a healthy scalp pH level and is a safe choice for people with dry or even sensitive scalp.

  • Reduces Hair Fall

    With regular use, chemical hair colours can weaken the hair follicle leading to an increased hair fall. But the antioxidants and nutrients found in henna hair colour can help reduce oxidative stress inflicted by various stressors and thus avoid hair fall usually associated with dyeing hair.

  • Reduces Hair Breakage

    By conditioning the hair and protecting the hair from oxidative stress, the henna powder can help reduce split ends and hair breakage. If the perfect choice for people who have weakened, or damaged hair and want to colour the hair without causing further damage.

  • Imparts Uniform Hair Colour

    The pigment lawsone found in henna powder bind with proteins found in hair to impart a uniform hair colour. Henna gives a rich, auburn colour to your hair, but it can be mixed with ingredients like indigo, black tea and hibiscus to get dark brown, black or even burgundy hair naturally.

Top Juicy Chemistry Organic Hair Colors with Organic Henna

Our Ecocert Certified organic hair colour range is 100% plant-based and has a blend of natural plant powders to cover greys and impart a uniform colour to your hair. It is also free of ammonia and other harmful dyes and additives. It is available in 4 shades-

  • Espresso: A soft black hair colour made with henna, amla, indigo, and black tea powders.
  • Doppio: A 2-step hair colour kit with henna and indigo blend which imparts a deep black colour to hair.
  • Americano: A dark brown hair colour made with henna, amla, bhringraj, and black tea powders.
  • Irish: A burgundy hair colour made with henna, manjishta, hibiscus, and black tea powders.


Along with imparting a beautiful colour to your hair, organic henna-based colours will also improve the overall scalp and hair health. So, if you are looking for a safer, natural alternative to chemical hair dyes, try out our organic hair colours today.


  • How long does organic hair colour last?

    The longevity of hair colour varies for each person based on hair wash frequency and hair strength but it usually lasts 4-6 weeks.

  • Is henna-based hair colour safe for pregnant women?

    Yes, this hair colour is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women since it has no harmful additives.

  • Do henna-based hair colours work for all hair colours?

    These colours are best suited for people with grey, blonde, light brown, and medium brown hair colour.

  • How to make henna-based hair colour last longer?

    Wash your hair only 1-2 times weekly using a gentle moisturising shampoo and avoid using heat styling tools to make your hair colour last longer.

  • Can I use henna on chemically dyed hair?

    Yes, you can use henna colour on chemically coloured hair, but it may take 3-4 uses to get the desired colour.


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