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Everything You Need to Know About Organic Hair Colors

As you grow older, your hair follicles start ageing and turn grey. Hair greying is a normal part of our biological ageing process but many people prefer covering them up by using hair colours. But most conventional hair colours are detrimental to your hair health and thus, it is best to opt for organic hair colors instead.

What Are Organic Hair Colors?

Organic hair colors are made only using natural plant dyes like henna, indigo, hibiscus etc. These plants are grown without using any pesticides or chemical fertilisers that may leave residues in the final product or even reduce the nutritive range of the ingredient.

No synthetic additives are used and the colour is derived solely from the natural pigments like lawsone( henna), Indigotin(indigo) and anthocyanins( hibiscus) present in the plants.

Does 100% Organic Hair Colors Exist?

Traditionally, henna (Lawsonia inermis) has been used widely as hair colour in India to cover up greys. Dried henna leaves are powdered and then soaked with other botanical ingredients to create a smooth paste.

The paste is then applied to the hair to impart a natural orange-brown colour to cover the greys. This practice of using a henna paste to hide grey hair is still quite prevalent in India and involves no dyes or harsh chemicals.

Other botanicals like indigo, bhringraj and amla can also be combined with henna to get black, brown or burgundy hair colour. So yes, it is possible to make 100% organic hair color with the help of organically grown botanicals like henna and indigo.

Who Should Use Organic Hair Colors?

Everyone can use organic hair colors, but they work best with grey, blonde or brown hair. And since they are all-natural, they are a great choice for people with sensitive skin and scalp who face allergic reactions to conventional hair colours.

If you have dry, or damaged hair, organic colours will be gentle on your hair and thus help keep your hair soft and healthy. And since they have no harmful chemicals, they are also a safer choice for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
(It is always advised to conduct patch tests while using new formulations to check for signs of allergic reaction or skin sensitivity.)

How to Choose The Best Organic Hair Colors?

Not all natural hair colours are 100% organic as they may be cultivated with help of pesticides. Some brands even add synthetic dyes to organic and natural colours to enhance their performance.

So while shopping for organic hair colors, scout the ingredient label to see what ingredients are used. 100% organic hair color should only have organically grown botanicals, plant-based ingredients and no synthetic chemicals.

You can also check if the product has an organic certification from organizations like Ecocert to prove if the ingredients used are indeed organic and the product does not contain any harmful ingredients.

Benefits of Organic Hair Colors

  • They Are Free Of Harmful Chemicals

    Conventional hair colours have ingredients like ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and PPD which can damage your hair and scalp. Regular use of such colours leads to hair fall, thinning, brittleness and frizz. But organic colours are completely plant-based and thus safer for you.

  • The Results Are Long Lasting

    Whether you are looking to cover grey hair or need to try a new hair shade, organic hair colors can give you great results. They impart a uniform colour on your hair strands which provides 100% grey coverage, long-lasting colour and natural shine.

  • They Improve Your Hair Health.

    The natural ingredients present in organic hair colors will leave your hair healthy and glossy. These botanical ingredients have a conditioning effect and can help maintain a healthy scalp pH level.

Best Organic Hair Colors from Juicy Chemistry

Juicy Chemistry’s organic hair colours are 100% ammonia-free and certified organic by EcoCert France as per Cosmos v3 standards.

They are 100% plant-based and made with a blend of Henna and natural powders such as Bhringaraj, Amla, Indigo, and Black Tea. These colours are very easy to use and will impart a uniform colour that hides all grey hair.

Available in 4 colours:

  • Espresso(Soft Black)
  • Doppio (Deep Balck)
  • Americano (Dark brown)
  • Irish ( Burgundy)


If you have been looking for an alternative to conventional hair colours that can cover your greys while keeping your hair healthy and shiny in the long run, organic hair colours are a safe bet. Try Juicy Chemistry’s certified organic hair colours today.


  • How long do organic hair colors last?

    This varies for all individuals based on shampoo frequency, hair structure and overall haircare routine. But our organic hair colours last anywhere between 4-6 weeks.

  • How to use organic hair colors?

    Mix the required quantity of hair colour with boiling water to make a smooth paste. Once the mix is lukewarm, apply it to your hair strands and let it sit for at least 2 hours before rinsing with plain water.


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