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5 Top Benefits And Uses of Neem Oil for Hair

Top Benefits And Uses of Neem Oil for Hair

Neem has been used in Ayurveda and traditional folk medicine for centuries. Even today, a neem tree is grown in many Indian homes for its medicinal value and shade.

We use neem leaves for hair packs and for making healthy juices, neem oil for hair rejuvenation, and even the wood from neem trees comes useful in making hair combs and furniture.

From the above description, it is easy to conclude that neem trees are abundantly therapeutic especially when it comes to natural hair care. So let’s learn more about the importance of neem in hair and scalp health.

Can Neem Really Improve Your Hair?

Research and testing suggest that extracts from neem leaves, seeds, fruit, flowers and bark provide the following benefits to our hair and scalp –

  • Antioxidant support

    Being a rich source of antioxidants, neem helps our skin and scalp fight against free radical damage and prevent oxidative stress. This includes damage from environmental precursors and ageing.

  • Antimicrobial properties

    The active compounds in neem oil for hair provide antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal benefits by inhibiting the growth of many bacteria, viruses and fungi that cause dandruff, folliculitis (infected hair follicles) and hair loss.

  • Anti-inflammatory effect

    Neem and its derivatives have been known to soothe scalp inflammation as well as promote wound healing.


How Is Neem Used To Make Hair Healthy And Strong?

  • It regulates Scalp-Microbiome

    Our scalp microbiome is the total of all the microbes that live there. A balanced and well-regulated microbiome ensures a healthy scalp and hair, whereas an imbalance may lead to infections and hair fall.

    Some compounds like triterpenes and azadirachtin found in neem, help in maintaining this microbiome by keeping infections at bay.

  • It improves Blood Circulation

    Neem leaves stimulate blood circulation on the scalp and promote healthy hair growth. Neem oil stimulates hair follicles which further promotes hair growth and prevents hair fall.

  • It prevents hair loss
    Neem and its derivatives relieve scalp ailments like psoriasis, flakiness and scalp congestion, thereby preventing hair loss caused by these concerns.

Some More Benefits of Using Neem Oil for Hair

  • Conditioning and frizz control
    The fatty acid-rich composition of neem oil moisturises the scalp, provides deep nourishment to hair strands and controls frizz. This adds a visible healthy shine to hair.
    Additionally, the slow penetration of neem oil ensures that it remains in our hair for a long time. This is especially beneficial for people who have dry hair and scalp.
  • Lice removal

    Due to its insecticidal properties, neem is used in Indian households to successfully eradicate lice from hair and scalp.

  • Dandruff remedy

    According to a study, neem leaves depict high antifungal activity due to a compound called Nimbin which helps reduce dandruff and dead skin.

  • Relaxation and repair

    The anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties of neem oil soothe scalp irritation, prevent itchiness and promote the healing of scalp trauma caused by excess itching and hair tugging from tight hairstyles.


  • Neem oil for Hair and Scalp massage

    Cold-pressed neem oil can be used directly on the scalp or by mixing in another carrier oil for massage. This stimulates blood flow on the scalp and promotes hair growth.

  • Neem Leaves for Hair Pack

    A paste of crushed neem leaves or neem powder and cold-pressed neem oil can be applied to the scalp and hair to reduce dandruff and itching.

  • Neem oil for Hair Conditioning
    A few drops of cold pressed neem oil can be applied to moist hair as a conditioner after shampoo. It will ensure easy detangling of hair and also give your hair gloss and shine.
  • Neem leaves for Hair Rinse
    Brew some fresh or dried neem leaves in water. Let the water cool down to room temperature. Strain the leaf matter out of the tea, and use this concoction as the last rinse after shampoo. This adds shine and moisture to your hair.
  • Neem Leaves for Blood Purification
    Wash fresh neem leaves with water and remove the stems. Blend them with some water to get the juice. Strain the juice and drink it in the morning for a few days to see benefits in hair and skin.

Note: Please consult with your physician before trying this remedy.

Juicy Chemistry's Products That Are Made With Neem

  • Cold Pressed Neem Carrier Oil

    Juicy Chemistry Neem Oil is the best neem oil as it is an Ecocert certified organic neem oil. And ethically sourced too. It is rich in antioxidants that stimulate blood circulation and provide protection against free radical damage. It is best used as a scalp massage oil.

  • Neem Butter, Pumpkin and Ginger Hair Mask

    It is a conditioning hair mask formulated with Neem and Baobab Oils for nourishing hair, and Lavender and Rosemary Essential Oils for soothing itchiness. It is best used as an overnight hair mask.

  •  Hibiscus, Amla and Bhringaraj Hair Oil

    It is enriched with Coconut Oil and Coconut Milk for nourishing scalp and hair, Neem Oil for reducing dandruff, and Hibiscus and Curry Leaf Extract for preventing premature greying. It can be used as a scalp massage oil, and also as a pre-shampoo conditioning oil.


  1. Who can use cold pressed neem oil?

    Anyone who does not have sensitivity to neem can use neem oil on the scalp and hair. However, we do recommend patch testing new products on your inner arm before applying them to your scalp or hair.

  2. How long does neem take to show results?
    Our hair experiences months of stress before it starts showing signs of concern. Hence, the time taken by any natural remedy to show visible results depends on how far the concern goes. When it comes to using natural ingredients for hair growth, dandruff removal or controlling premature greying, consistency and patience are key.


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