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How to grow beard naturally

Smart ways to grow beard naturally!

If your father or grandfather had less facial hair, then there’s a high probability that you might have the same beard growth pattern. Thanks to the genes! 

But, is there a way to get a naturally fuller beard? Yes, absolutely! Using the right growth tips, home remedies, and grooming products, you might be able to house a fuller beard over time. However, growing a beard is a dedicated task and requires a lot of patience. 

But before discussing how to grow beard naturally, it's important to understand what are the factors that affect your beard growth. 

Factors affecting beard growth

If you're struggling to grow a dense beard naturally, then these could be the reasons you need to factor in - 

  • Age
    Beard starts to grow in your 20s. Since hair growth is a time taking process, you will experience a dense beard when you reach your 30s. This may vary from individual to individual but beard does start growing after you’ve attained a certain age. So, be patient as it will take time!
  • Testosterone levels
    Testosterone is also responsible for natural beard growth. Basically, low testosterone means slower hair growth. In fact, those who have an extremely low level of testosterone have quite less facial hair. Consult your doctor if any symptoms arise.
  • Genetics
    Genetics is found to be a common factor in determining beard growth. The thickness and growth of your facial hair depend upon your genetics. If your father has thick facial hair, then you'll probably have a thick beard too. 
  • Stress
    Stress and tension are known to be major causes of hair fall. Cortisol is a substance formed during stress that affects your hair health and makes your hair follicles weak, which fall out easily. This applies to beard hair too.

How to grow beard naturally at home

Looking for effective yet cost-friendly natural ways to boost beard growth? Then, here are some effective natural remedies that may boost your facial hair growth-

  • Massage with jojoba oil
    Jojoba oil is derived from nuts of jojoba. This oil massage helps to promote beard growth and improves skin health. Just warm up the oil and massage your beard for a few minutes with gentle pressure. Or, simply massage with plain jojoba oil. For best results, repeat the process three times a week.
  • Argan oil
    Argan oil is packed with Vitamin E that helps to heal dry beard hair. It nourishes and moisturizes skin and promotes healthier beard growth. What you have to do is take a few drops of argan oil and massage your beard with gentle pressure for a few minutes then wash it off with lukewarm water.
  • Eucalyptus oil & olive oil
    Eucalyptus oil does the same job that coconut oil does. It stimulates hair growth and makes hair follicles strong. For preparing, mix it with any carrier oil such as olive oil. Take olive oil and add a drop of eucalyptus oil. Massage this gently for a few minutes, then wash off with lukewarm water. You are done!
  • Exfoliation
    Exfoliation removes all the dirt and dead cells that restrict hair growth. It also opens clogged pores and prevents skin woes. Simply take olive oil and sugar or coffee, mix well. Massage the mixture in a circular motion for a few minutes. Scrub the skin under your facial hair. Do this twice a week for better results.

    Note- Patch test is advisable before using any of these home remedies.

Beard growth tips

Let's get into some natural tips that help to grow beard faster-

  • Healthy diet
    A nutritional diet that includes vitamins that stimulate the hair follicles to grow. Vitamin D-induced foods such as mushrooms and cereals can also help grow hair naturally. Meat, dairy food, whole grain and nuts are also helpful in beard growth.
  • Take care of your skin
    Clean and moisturized skin boosts facial hair growth and rejuvenates the skin as well. Keep your skin cleansed and moisturized every day. Wash your face with gentle soap and apply moisturizer. Ensure to moisturize after taking a bath and after cleansing your face.
  • Quit smoking
    Chemicals in tobacco smoke cause inflammation and lead to hair loss. Quitting smoking reduces the blood vessel's damage and inflammation that slows down the growth. 
  • Good sleep
    Not having proper sleep is linked to the reduction of testosterone that forms naturally. Lack of sleep reduces testosterone level and eventually slows down hair growth. Take 7-8 hours of sleep every single night, which is beneficial for both hair and skin.

Juicy Chemistry's products for beard growth

Cedarwood and hemp beard oil

Our hydrating beard oil is organically certified and contains no preservatives. This oil softens and nourishes the skin along with stimulating growth. Put a few drops of oil on your palm, warm the oil by rubbing your palms. Massage your scalp gently with light pressure on dry hair and spread all over the hair. You are done!

Please do a patch test before using this oil.


  • Why is my beard so dry and brittle?
    Beard becomes dry and brittle due to dehydration. Drink a lot of water and moisturize your beard daily.
  • Who should use beard oil? 
    Every man with a beard should use beard oil. It hydrates and nourishes facial hair. 
  • Will shaving make my beard grow back thicker?
    Shaving only removes hair from the surface and does not contribute to hair growth or overall hair health.
  • Can I wash my beard with just water?
    Yes, you can wash your beard using plain or lukewarm water every day and 


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