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Repair and Restore Conditioner

Suitable for: All hair types, dry and frizzy hair
Key benefit: Revives dull and lacklustre hair | Suitable for wavy & curly hair
Sale price₹706 Regular price₹850

MRP inclusive of all taxes.



200 ml

Repair and Restore Conditioner
Repair and Restore Conditioner Sale price₹706 Regular price₹850

MRP inclusive of all taxes.

Here’s why we’re the real deal.

  • Cruelty free and 

  • Handmade

  • Clean

  • Freshly

  • GMO

  • Zero

  • No Synthetic

  • Zero

  • Water Free 


Cruelty Free



Clinically Proven

Dermatologically Tested


Certified Organic


Vegan Options Available

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Care & patch test

Additional Notes

We all are unique and so is our skin. It is possible that an ingredient may not suit everyone alike and one may develop an allergic reaction in certain cases. We recommend discontinuing the product in case of any signs of discomfort your body may indicate after using the same product. Do reach out to us for further assistance.

Juicy Lab Card

All-natural ingredients make our products completely safe and biodegradable, so that not even the tiniest bit of residue harms the soil.


Manufacturer Info

Laboratoires Phyto Technique srl Via E.Mattei, 7, Pogliano, MI 20010, Italy

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Research Papers

We take utmost care in sourcing the best ingredients from across the world. Click here to know more about them.

Ask us why

Our go-to starting point? Asking Why.

We're extremely curious people. We can only assume you too are curious when it comes to the world of personal care, and rightfully so. That’s why we insist on addressing the ‘Whys’ you'd need to know before you buy.

Why these ingredients?

Barley Stem Water is abundantly rich in minerals that support thick lush hair and actively repairs damaged and dull strands.  

Calendula Extract is enriched with B vitamins and vital antioxidants that help fortify dry, damaged, and dull hair.
Olive Oil is a great source of squalene and oleic acid that help deeply moisturise and nourish the strands while improving hair elasticity. 


Why this source?


Why this formulation?

This certified organic hair repair conditioner delivers super nutrients like: 

Essential Fatty Acids deeply nourish the strands and helps control frizz, breakage, and split ends. 

Essential Minerals such as Selenium help restore the natural shine and lustre of the strands.

Plant Vitamins such as Vitamin E enrich and nourish the hair and protect it against free radicals. 

Antioxidants such as Flavonoids and Phenols, promote better strand health. They also mitigate free radicals.

Humectants like Glycerine prevent moisture loss and make hair more healthy, bouncy, and manageable.


Why try this?

Certified Organic Hair Repair Conditioner.

Dermatologically Tested for Safety and Irritation

Putting Beauty to the Test

COSMOS Organic
Our products are certified organic by ECOCERT (FRANCE) in accordance with COSMOS V3 standards. Our commitment to our customers has always been to provide the best of organic products and this certification is a testament to our commitment.

Dermatologically Tested
Our products are safe for use and have been tested for the same. But it is possible that certain ingredients may not be suitable for your scalp and hair so it is always advisable to do a patch test first and verify biocompatibility.

Organic. Tested. Certified.

Each and every formulation of ours undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets ECOCERT’s standards. That’s how we’ve earned the coveted ECOCERT badge - The ultimate standard of Certfied Organic.

  • COSMOS Certified Organic

  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice Certification)

  • ISO 14001:2015 ISO 9001

Allow our ingredients to introduce themselves.

Barley Stem Water

Extracted from Camellia, the 'tea plant', Camellia Seed Oil is an excellent moisturiser for the hair. It keeps the hair soft and smooth, owing to its rich antioxidant content.

Nutritional Value

Magnesium, Selenium, Biotin, Niacin, Thiamine, Procyanidin B-3

Cetearyl Alcohol

One of the purest forms of vitamin C, Amla is also rich in vitamin A, tannins, and phenols. It protects against free radical damage and helps soothe flakiness and inflammation. It also helps prevents premature greying and strengthens the hair.

Glyceryl Stearate

Apricot is a member of the rose family and bears a mere 17 calories. Its oil is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins. Intensely moisturising, Apricot oil effectively seals in moisture and helps improve hair texture. It also prevents oxidative damage.

Olive Oil

A natural substance that never spoils, thanks to its propolis content, Beeswax helps soften and soothe the hair. Being rich in vitamin A, Beeswax improves hydration, seals moisture, and protects hair from environmental toxins and irritants.

Nutritional Value

Linoleic Acid (Omega-6 Fatty Acid), Palmitic Acid (Omega-7 Fatty Acid), Oleic Acid (Omega-9 Fatty Acid), Vitamin E and Polyphenols

Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysate

A highly emollient ingredient that contains a whopping 60% fat, Shea Butter is ultra-nourishing and moisturising. It has triterpene compounds which exhibit anti-inflammatory properties and moisturises the hair. It also helps improve hair texture.


Argan nuts, an absolute favourite of goats, give the miraculous Argan oil which offers a myriad of benefits for hair owing to its high content of antioxidants and essential fatty acids. This oil is intensely moisturising and nourishing for the hair. It deeply conditions the hair and restores the natural sheen.

Benzyl Alcohol

Jojoba, having properties similar to the wax found in human sebum, produces an oil that helps better absorption and moisturisation. Being rich in vitamin B-complex and vitamin E, it has soothing properties and improves the overall health of the hair.

Benzene (Antioxidant)


Blood Oranges are a variety of sweet oranges with crimson coloured flesh. Apart from its uplifting aroma, this essential oil is also rich in anthocyanins and high in antioxidants that helps promote healthy hair.

Xanthum Gum

When it comes to protecting hair from pollution and environmental damage, vitamin E does the job particularly well. It actively moisturises the hair and heals damaged hair.

Known as a love charm, sweet and floral Ylang Ylang oil is rich in phenols and flavonoids. It has anti-inflammatory and soothing effects and protects the hair from free radical damage.

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