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Affiliate Program FAQS

Q1. How can I join the affiliate program?
Ans. You have to sign up using JOIN NOW button, fill your details and wait for your profile to be verified. If you profile meets the eligibility criteria, you will be onboarded as Juicy Chemistry Affiliate.

Q2. How long it takes for the profile to get verified?
Ans. It takes about 15-30 days to verify your account. You will receive a confirmation mail if your account is approved with further details.

Q3. What if my account is rejected?
Ans. You can apply only once from a single email id, once rejected we won’t be able to accept new application.

Q4. Why my account got rejected?
Ans. Our team manually goes through each profile for verification process. Here are few reasons why it might not get approved:
- If the details added are not correct and doesn’t match while verification process.
- If there are no social media handles mentioned while signing up.
- If the person is not active on social media channels.

Q5. What are the next steps if my account is approved?
Ans. Once your account is approved, you will receive an email with a guide to the affiliate dashboard. You can start promoting your code/affiliate link to earn commission.

Q6. How much discount my audience will get?
Ans. Your audience will get 10% discount on their orders placed through or Juicy Chemistry APP.

Q7. How much commission will I earn on every sale?
Ans. You will earn 10% commission on every order received via your code/affiliate link.

Q8. Where can I see the details of the orders placed?
Ans. You can see all the details on your Juicy Chemistry GoAffPro dashboard.

Q9. What if the customer cancels/returns the order?
Ans. You will receive the commission on every delivered order. If the customer returns or cancels the order, you won’t be eligible for the commission for that order.

Q10. How is the commission amount calculated?
Ans. The commission is calculated on the final order amount (excluding without shipping & tax) placed using your code/affiliate link. The final commission will be paid after deducting 10% TDS.

Q11. When will I get my commission amount?
Ans. You have to raise the invoice within the first week of every month. Once invoice is received the payment will be processed within 7-10 business days.
For example: For August’s commission, you have to raise and share the invoice within 1st to 7th September.
Kindly share your invoices at

Q12. What documents are required for proceeding with the payments?
Ans. We require your bank details, PAN card details, cancelled cheque & GST certificate, if applicable.
Kindly note: The bank account should be in your name (it should match the name mentioned while registering for Affiliate Program).

Q13. Is my dashboard updates shown in real-time?
Ans. It takes 24-48 hours for the dashboard to update and show analytics, order details & payment transactions.

Q14. Will the commission percentage be increased?
Ans. During Affiliate Week, we raise the commission value, so you would earn higher percentage during that particular time period.

Q15. When does the Affiliate Week happens?
Ans. Affiliate Week happens during special occasions. You will be informed about the same via affiliate newsletter.

Q16. Will I receive products or PR packages from the brand?
Ans. Once your affiliate account is verified and approved, you will be receiving a Welcome Kit from the brand. For our PR packages, we have certain eligibility criteria that depends on content created, revenue generated, profile matching the new launch, limited packages, availability of the content creator, deliverable timelines, etc.

Q17. Will I stay on Affiliate Program if I don’t generate revenue?
Ans. Every 6 months, we filter the Affiliate Program. If you are not able to generate commission sales, we might deactivate your account (don’t worry, we will inform you for the same via email).

Q18. Will I be invited to online & offline events?
Ans. Yes, we invite our affiliates for offline & online events depending upon various factors like limited seats, location, content creation, topic of discussion, etc. Keep a watch on our Affiliate Newsletters for more details.