Why Choose Organic Baby Products: A Guide For New Parents

As new parents, we always hunt for the best products for our little ones. If you haven’t found the right products yet, your search ends here. We have curated the perfect guide for new parents and parents-to-be. 


Why Are Organic Baby Products Better For Your Baby?

  • Babies Have Thinner Skin:

    Research shows that the skin of infants is much thinner compared to when they are adolescents. Thinner skin is more likely to absorb chemicals from the environment. Hence, it is essential to use organic products for your baby’s wellbeing.
  • Babies Have Delicate Skin:

    Since babies are delicate, their sensitive skin is more prone to irritation from allergens in skin care products. Opt for fragrance-free organic products, preferably ones that do not require preservation.
  • Organic Products Are Gentle:

    Juicy Chemistry’s baby care products are certified organic because we ensure that our ingredients come from organic farming sources. Organic farming utilizes natural materials and environment-friendly techniques for growing and harvesting plants. This way, we ensure that our products are safe for your newborn’s skin.
  • Organic Products Are Pure:

    Juicy Chemistry uses the purest and most potent ingredients to create our baby care products. They are freshly made and do not contain any fragrances, dyes, sulphates, or preservatives.
  • Organic Products Are Sustainable:

    We use eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging to store and ship our products. All our formulations are cruelty-free, and as of 2022, Juicy Chemistry is 100% plastic-neutral too.

Ingredients To Avoid In Organic Baby Products

  • Fragrance:

    Research shows that synthetic perfumes and even certain natural fragrances in products for babies can harm their health. So, opt for fragrance-free skin care products for your infants and toddlers.
  • Dyes:

    Make sure that the products you use on your baby’s skin do not contain additives in the form of synthetic colours or dyes. Instead, choose a formula with a natural colour imparted from the ingredients that went into making it.
  • Parabens:

    They are the most commonly used preservatives in beauty products. However, long-term exposure can affect your baby’s hormone function. In some cases, they are also known to cause skin reactions.
  • Sulphates:

    Cleansing products formulated with sulphates can cause dryness in your newborn’s skin. Instead, opt for a mild soap or an organic baby wash made with saponified cold-pressed oils. These are not only gentle but also moisturising.
  • Formaldehyde:

    Studies show that the presence of formaldehyde in wet wipes can create an allergic reaction on your baby’s skin. Long-term exposure to this chemical has also been linked to respiratory distress.

      List Of Juicy Chemistry’s Best Organic Baby Products


      • Organic products are safe and gentle for your baby. They are free from fragrances, dyes, sulphates, parabens, and formaldehyde.
      • Organic ingredients are harvested using methods that neither harm the environment nor affect human health. This makes them a sustainable choice.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      • Could you recommend something for my baby’s dry skin?
        You may use the Baby Butter Cream during the night and Massage Oil during the day to moisturise your baby’s skin.
      • Babies of which age group can start using the baby soap?
        Some parents start using our baby soap after their baby is 40 days old. Patch test it first and don’t use it near their eyes because it is not a no-tears formula.
      • Why is the diaper rash balm yellow in colour?
        Our Rash Balm has a natural yellow-orange hue that comes from our organic rosehip seed oil.


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