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Matte Lip Crayons Stay Put All Day Without Damaging the Natural Beauty of the Lips

With the world evolving, makeup products are constantly changing. One product that has gained popularity is matte lip crayon. This product has become a game changer in the lipstick world as it perfectly combines lip liner, lipstick, and lip balm.

These lip crayons offer intense color payoff and a velvety-smooth texture that glides effortlessly onto the lips. Not just that, they are formulated with organic ingredients that effectively preserve your lips' natural beauty.

Our lip and cheek crayon boasts a comfortable ultra-matte vegan formula that provides the ultimate solution for achieving bold, statement lips that stay put throughout the day. The pencil format of a matte lip crayon makes them suitable for both makeup beginners and experienced enthusiasts.

Let's explore what makes it stay longer while maintaining the beauty of lips.

The appeal of matte lip crayon that makes it long-lasting

Whether you are busy with back-to-back meetings all day or are sightseeing around your favourite city, the last thing you want to worry about is your lip stain coming off. In this case, matte lip crayons are best for their long-lasting wear and ability to provide a perfect look without constant touch-ups.


Organic lip crayons use ingredients like candelilla wax and carnauba wax to create a protective barrier on the lips. This barrier helps to keep the color intact throughout the day, preventing it from fading or smudging. These plant-based waxes also help to lock in moisture and deliver a natural source of antioxidants.

Moreover, jojoba oil, apricot oil, sunflower seed oil, and shea butter help keep the lips hydrated and prevent the color from drying out or fading. These plant oils contain anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce inflammation and irritation on your lips.


Lip crayons with highly pigmented, long-wearing formulas last longer on the lips. Even after having a heavy meal with the lip crayon, you will still have a stain on your lips. Formulated with rich pigments, they give a long-lasting experience.

Giving a rich color payoff with a comfortable all-day wear finish, its non-drying formula keeps your lips soft and nourished throughout the day.


Prepping the Lips

Whether it is seasonal dryness, lips can reveal the most dryness compared to other body parts. Exfoliating and moisturising the lips before applying the lip crayon can create a smooth canvas and improve adherence, ensuring the color lasts longer without settling into fine lines or dry patches.

Start with exfoliating flaky dead skin cells with blood orange and rosehip lip scrub. Damp your lips and gently buff away any roughness with the help of a toothbrush. Begin by dabbing the right amount of moisturising lip balm and letting it settle. Dab the lips with tissue paper before applying lipstick to eliminate the excess.

Application Technique

For instance, just as you use powder to set your liquid foundations for long-lasting wear, you can use the same technique with your lip crayon. Apply the lip crayon and then blot gently with tissue paper to remove excess oils and enhance its staying power.

For a bolder color, apply a second coat and blot again. Finish by applying a little baked compact powder on your lips to set the lip crayon in place.


Lip crayons with a matte finish perfectly balance prolonged wear and enhance natural beauty. Packed with superior ingredients, these crayons offer a vibrant, long-lasting color.

They are designed to maintain the lips' health and hydration with organic, nourishing elements, ensuring a beautiful finish without sacrificing health.

Enjoy bold, statement lips confidently, knowing your lips will stay looking and feeling their best.

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Will matte lip crayons dry out my lips?

Our matte lip crayons are formulated with nourishing ingredients like plant-based oils and butter to prevent dryness and keep lips hydrated.

Do matte lip crayons last all day?

Yes, matte lip crayons are known for their long-lasting wear. They can stay put throughout the day with proper application and minimal touch-ups.