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Experience Intense Colour and Comfort with our Organic Lip Crayon

In the vibrant world of cosmetics, lip products are the ultimate beauty weapon in every woman's arsenal. One lip product that has recently attained much popularity is the lip crayon. Creating a flawless finish looks good for the lipliner and lipstick job.

But nothing is more frustrating than applying your favourite lipstick shade, only to smudge away after a few hours and not provide the desired comfort. Our comfortable ultra-matte organic lip crayon is a perfect solution to this problem, as it offers intense colour payoff and long-lasting wear with its creamy texture.

Factors to consider when you choose an organic lip crayon

Organic lip crayons are created with the intention of producing sustainable vegan cosmetics that are rich in nutrients to help us achieve the luscious lips we desire.

However, when searching for the perfect lip crayon to give our lips a vibrant look with ease, there are certain factors that we should consider.


Think you are attending a long day of meetings or any parties or gatherings but worrying about the frequent touch-ups. This is where long-lasting lip crayons save you time and effort with their long-wearing properties.

At Juicy Chemistry, we give utmost attention to our formulation to ensure impressive staying power for our lip crayons. These are formulated with ingredients that adhere to the lips, providing a solid colour payoff that won't easily fade or smudge. Additionally, matte lip crayons tend to have better staying power.

Perfect shade range

Achieving the perfect shade is an essential part of any makeup routine. When opting for a long-lasting lip crayon, finding the shade that compliments your look and matches your desired look becomes necessary.

Our lip and cheek crayon comes in 16 bold shades, giving you a perfect look for every mood. From natural to bold, it will provide a versatile makeup look for your styles.

Beginners friendly

If you are a beginner in makeup, lip crayons can be an excellent starting point for you. They offer the precision of a liner, nourishment of a balm, and colour payoff of a traditional lipstick.

Additionally, their soft and blendable texture makes them an excellent choice for use as cheek blush.

Multi-purpose use of organic lip crayon to get a flawless look

With all these factors, this matte lip crayon also provides many uses effortlessly.

For a smooth matte finish look

Organic lip crayons are a great way to achieve a matte finish while nourishing your lips with ingredients like vitamin E. The smooth texture of the crayons helps to settle into any rough areas of your lip skin, giving you a plump look.

Furthermore, Its highly pigmented and non-drying formula keeps your lips hydrated and pampered throughout the day.

Moisturises your lips

Unlike the other areas of your skin, your lips lack oil glands and cannot generate hydration. Therefore, keeping them hydrated with lip products containing moisturising ingredients is crucial.

Our lip crayons contain jojoba oil, shea butter, sunflower seed oil, and apricot oil that deeply moisturises the lips. It also creates a protective barrier, leaving your lips soft and supple.

An excellent base for a lip gloss

This crayon lip stain can give you a perfect base to give your lips a shiny, lustre, slick finish. With the fabulous staying power, this crayon provides an amazing finish.

Easier to apply

We always seek less time-consuming and more convenient products in our fast-paced life. This Pencil-like lip product is a perfect example of such a product. It has a creamy and moisturising formula, which allows it to glide smoothly over the lips without causing any tugging or pulling. The pointed tip of this lip crayon makes it easy to apply the product to the contours of the lips, ensuring a clean and professional finish.



Juicy Chemistry's Lip & Cheek Crayon

Our organic lip crayons perfectly blend vibrant colours and exceptional comfort. With this, you will experience a new level of lip care with products that enhance your appearance and make you feel good about your choices.

And that's not all - our dedication to sustainability is evident in our usage of eco-friendly packaging, which helps reduce our environmental impact.


Do you need to apply a lip liner before using a lip crayon?

No, there is no need because the pointed tip of a lip crayon makes it easy to line and fill in your lips.

Is lip crayon good for the lips?

Lip crayons are very smooth to apply and are fuss-free products. Moreover, it contains jojoba oil and shea butter, which is highly nourishing for your lips.