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Lip Pigmentation: How to Achieve Natural-looking Lips with Lip Balm

Many of us spend a significant amount of time discussing and selecting skincare products for our skin but overlook the importance of taking care of our lips.

The absence of a proper lip care routine may result in the darkening or pigmentation of the lips. Giving our lips more attention and care is essential than just applying lipstick.

The skin on our lips is delicate and tends to get dry, chapped, and discolored more frequently than the rest of our bodies. Therefore, it's crucial to show some love and care for our lips as well.

Let's understand the causes of lip pigmentation to achieve a natural pink pout that will make heads turn!

What is the cause of lip pigmentation?

The skin on our lips is three times more sensitive than the skin on the rest of our body. Also, the lips' skin is covered with a thin and delicate layer of skin, which enhances the visibility of the blood vessels below the skin and gives them their pink hue.

Lip darkening, or lip hyperpigmentation, frequently causes the lips to darken beyond their natural color. When we notice that our lips are getting darker, there could be several reasons behind it. Common causes of lip-darkening include sun exposure, smoking, certain medications, and underlying medical conditions.

Another cause can be dehydration. It can cause your lips to lose their natural moisture, making them dry, chapped, and dark. If you don't drink enough water and take in too much caffeine, it could also cause lip pigmentation.

Steps to attain a natural-looking lip with organic lip balm

If you're someone dealing with dark lips and looking for ways to lighten lips to get a natural-looking, here are some steps that can help:

Exfoliate your lips regularly

Just like the accumulation of dead cells on the skin causes acne and skin darkening, the collection of dead cells on lips similarly causes lip-darkening. Exfoliation helps your lips eliminate the dry flakes and build-up, enabling you to attain the original softness and color hidden underneath.

To exfoliate your lips, you can use an organic lip balm. Just scoop out a small amount of scrub with your clean fingertip and apply it to your lips. Gently scrub it in a circular motion and leave it on for 2 to 3 minutes. After that, wash it off with water and apply your favorite lip butter.

Stay hydrated and moisturize

Dry skin on the lips can cause them to appear dull. Regularly moisturizing and maintaining adequate hydration can aid in maintaining the health of the lips.

If you are dehydrated, drink plenty of fluids and apply a lip balm that can keep your lips hydrated.



Choose a lip balm with vitamin C

The pigment called melanin gives our skin and lips a vibrant hue. If you want to make the skin brighter and reduce the pigmentation in your lips, Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can help. As vitamin C can stop melanin production, it is a great brightening agent that can alleviate skin discoloration issues such as hyperpigmentation.

If you want lip balm for pigmentation, consider using a lip salve rich in vitamin C. One such ingredient that is abundant in vitamin C is rosehip seed oil. Using rosehip lip balm can lighten the skin and reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

Restrain from too much sun exposure

When exposed to the sun's powerful rays, your lips can become vulnerable to darkening and pigmentation.

Applying lip balm containing SPF before stepping out in the sun is recommended to mitigate this issue. This will safeguard your lips from harmful UV rays and maintain their health.

Avoid licking your lips

If you are used to licking your lips, it can also lead to darkening. Saliva is a digestive enzyme; hence, when skin comes in contact, it causes damage to the natural barrier of lips. Once the wall is damaged, the darkening of lips is inevitable.

After licking your lips, remembering to use lip balm multiple times a day can be helpful.

Remove lipstick before going to bed

Daily lipstick application may not always result in darker lips, but it can quicken dryness and chapping. Furthermore, excessive dryness would also lead to darkness.

It is advisable to remove lipstick before bed and apply lip balm to moisturize and nourish the skin deeply.


Juicy Chemistry's Blood Orange and Rosehip Lip Balm is a nourishing solution for dry and chapped lips. Enriched with vitamin C-rich oils, it helps to reverse lip pigmentation and promote softer and smoother lips.

Blood orange essential oil helps soothe inflammation and heal the skin of the lips, while rosehip oil deeply moisturizes the lips and reduces pigmentation.

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