How To Identify Pure Aloe Vera Gel?

If there is one ingredient that works wonders for all skin types and ages, it is aloe vera. Natural aloe vera gel is a versatile product that suits almost everyone and has been used widely in skincare and haircare rituals worldwide.
Aloe vera gel is much like the first aid for your skin. Be it dryness, irritation, or sunburn, aloe vera gel has over 75 bioactive compounds to calm and restore your skin and hair.
But not all aloe vera gels are created equal. There are thousands of aloe vera gels laden with additives that in no way resemble the properties of pure aloe vera. So while shopping for aloe gels, you should be able to distinguish between the pure and diluted ones to get the most benefits of aloe vera.

How Is Pure Aloe Vera Gel Made?

The fresh aloe Vera gel or pulp extracted from aloe plants has a very short shelf life( less than 7 days in fact). And the texture too is extremely slimy making it difficult to use. Hence it needs to be combined with the right ingredients to get a spreadable consistency and long shelf life.

To make pure aloe vera gel, the clear liquid or pulp is extracted from the fleshy part of the leaf. And then it is filtered and combined with a thickening agent and a preservative to get the gel-like texture and long shelf-life.

How To Tell If Your Aloe Vera Gel Is Pure

  • Check the percentage of aloe vera: 
  • The ingredients list must have aloe vera leaf juice as the first ingredient and not water or aloe vera “extract”.  The lower it is on the ingredient list, the less concentrated it is.
    Some manufacturers even mix powdered aloe vera extract with water to sell it aloe vera gel. But pure aloe vera gel is made from at least 95% aloe vera juice. 
  • Check for unnecessary additives. 
  • To turn fresh aloe vera juice into a gel, only a preservative and thickening agent are needed.  So pure aloe vera gel should have no more than 5 ingredients on the label. Many gels have other filler ingredients in them that are simply unnecessary. 
  • It should be colourless.
  • You may have seen many aloe gels in the market that are green or yellow. This is not the true colour of aloe gel but the result of artificial dyes added to the product to make it look attractive. Pure aloe juice extracted from the leaf is colourless so the pure aloe gel you buy should be colourless too.
    • It should not have any aroma
    The smell of aloe vera gel differs slightly from one harvest to another but pure aloe vera gel is almost always odourless. If the aloe vera gel has floral, sweet or any other medicinal fragrance, it is from synthetic fragrances and additives, not the aloe pulp.
    Not only are synthetic fragrances unnecessary, but they can also increase the risk of skin irritation. And since aloe vera is often used for soothing skin, it should not have any such added additives.
  • Check its shelf life:
  • As mentioned earlier, aloe vera gel needs a preservative for long, stable shelf life. If the preservative used is natural, the maximum shelf-life that can be achieved with it is 12 months. So check the label for the type of preservative used.

    Juicy Chemistry's Pure Aloe Gel

    Our certified organic pure aloe vera gel is made from Aloe Barbadenis Miller species grown in Mexico. Why Mexico? Because it provides the optimum hot and humid climate with high rainfall for the plant to grow well.
    It has 98.4% organic aloe vera leaf juice and is combined with EcoCert approved thickener and natural preservative making it the best aloe vera gel in India.
    Use our aloe vera gel for hair and skin to keep them hydrated, soft and well-nourished.

    JC Aloe vera gel is certified organic by EcoCert France as per Cosmos V3 standards. Shop it here.


    How to apply aloe vera on face?
    Scoop out a small quantity of aloe gel using clean fingers or a spoon and apply it on clean, damp skin twice a day after cleansing and toning.
    How to apply aloe vera on hair?
    Mix a large dollop of aloe vera gel with your favourite oil and massage it onto the scalp. Leave it on for 30 minutes before rinsing with shampoo. Alternatively, you can also apply aloe gel directly to soothe dry, irritated scalp.
    What is the aloe vera scientific name?
    There are various species of aloe vera but JC pure aloe vera gel is made from the Aloe Barbadensis Miller variety.
    What is the shelf life of aloe vera gel?
    Our aloe vera gel has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacturing.

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