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Everything You Should Know About Organic Deodorants

We have observed a certain level of hesitance in people when it comes to trying out organic deodorants. That's probably because there is a lot of confusion, misinformation, and very little understanding of what exactly organic deodorants are and how they work.

So, here we are putting all information about organic deodorants in place for your ease!

Source: Nikithaa Kumaran

What are Organic Deodorants?

An organic deodorant, as the name suggests are made with organically grown ingredients, natural clays but are absolutely free from ALUMINIUM which is a common ingredient in commercial deodorants and antiperspirants. Due to lack of aluminum, unlike the traditional deodorants, our organic deodorants don’t clog your sweat ducts to keep your underarms dry and hinder the natural process of toxins flushing out of your body. Instead, they help your skin to push out toxins without any foul odor.

Source: Nikithaa Kumaran

Your body secretes two types of sweat from two different glands i.e., Eccrine and Apocrine. Sweat secreted by Eccrine is nothing but water and salt and is released solely to cool down the body and doesn’t have any odor. Apocrine produces what is called ‘Stress Sweat’. Such glands are found on your feet, groin, and armpits.

Stress sweat contains additional protein molecule apart from water and salt. The naturally occurring bacteria under your arms thrive on such protein and the breakdown of this molecule turns your otherwise odorless sweat into foul odor.

Now as a solution, a commercial deodorant or antiperspirant would simply block the sweat pores to avoid sweating and as a result the toxins stay trapped inside the body.

Our organic deodorants do exactly opposite job. They help flush out the toxins by not plugging your ducts and nor does it let bacteria grow vigorously. It naturally neutralizes body odor and keeps you fresh all day.

The Detox Period

Once you make a switch to organic deodorants after using its commercial counterparts for a long time, you may love it for the initial few days for the way it masks body odor but as days pass by you may notice that body odor is stronger than before. This is a sign that your skin is undergoing a “detox”. Which basically means your body is compensating for not sweating properly prior to this (due to clogged pores). It's body's natural way of flushing out toxins from your system. 

How long does the detox period lasts? It can take your body up to 30 days to balance itself and learn to sweat naturally again. Here's how it works -

Week 1: You may actually like it for the way it masks body odor with its natural fragrance and might not experience any body odor or excessive sweating here. This is probably because the aluminum compounds in your old antiperspirant has formed a gel-like plug that constricts the underarm pores.  This prevents you from sweating and getting wet.

Week 2: This is where you’ll notice body odor and excessive sweating. Don’t worry though. It is the body’s way of flushing out toxins.

Week 3: By the third week, you may notice the odor fading away and the sweat might reduce as well. (You may still sweat a lot or it might reduce too. It all depends on your body.)

Week 4: By the end of the fourth week, your body will have fully adjusted to the organic deodorant!

This process does vary from individual to individual and one may not experience it week wise as we've mentioned. Some may take a little longer to adapt and some may adapt to organic deodorants on day 1 itself. During the detox period, it’s best not to wear clothes that are perhaps too tight or form-fitting. Also, it is best to stay away from synthetic fabrics and opt for more organic ones instead. Let your body breathe!

Source: Nikithaa Kumaran

Can Organic Deodorants Cause Rashes?

Since the underarm region is very sensitive, in the following scenarios you may encounter rashes or irritation –

  • If you apply too much or rub it in too vigorously
  • Your own sweat can cause irritation. It's just like chafing, which you experience in hot and humid weather when your thighs are constantly rubbing against one another. The same can happen with your underarms too. 
  • If you apply the deodorant right after waxing or shaving, it might sting your skin since its especially sensitive at that time due to microscopic tears caused by razors or other methods of hair removal. It is best to shave at night and apply deodorant in the morning. Let your armpits heal overnight. 
  • It may also happen that your skin is sensitive to a particular ingredient or doesn't react well to essential oils. If you develop a rash due to this reason, you should stop using the product. Make sure to patch test in advance to avoid this. 

Rashes and irritations are not common occurrences of transitioning to organic deodorants. Our deodorants are dermatologically tested for safety and irritation but in case you've sensitive skin, please patch test prior to use.

Can Organic Deodorants stain your clothes?

When you first start using our organic deodorants and if you apply too much you may witness stains on your light-colored clothes. To avoid it, please ensure that you take only a little product and massage it in well to ensure it's absorbed completely into the skin. Do it every day after a shower. In case, you need to reapply during the day then do not forget to repeat the process :)

Switching to an organic deodorant may seem a bit like a task but it is all well worth it. Our organic deodorants are made without aluminum, alcohol, or any preservatives and are 100% organic.