Cellular Extraction™️

The Science of extracting a Plant’s True DNA into a Liquid Matrix.

Cellular Extraction is a revolutionary process that harnesses water-soluble plant extracts (the entourage) into a liquid matrix without compromising the plant matter.

What is ‘Cellular Extraction™️’?

This unique process bio-mimics the movement of phyto-compounds as in the plant into a liquid matrix (carrier solvent) by working with gradients. Cellular extraction is performed in pressurised, air-less surroundings with increased osmolarity to create an equilibrium between a plant cell and the extractant environment. Then permeating through the cell membranes,  the hydrophilic (water-soluble) molecules are rapidly diffused into the hydrating liquid matrix of water and glycerine. 

Why 'Cellular Extraction'?

After extensive research, we found that Cellular Extraction is the only process that delivers an entourage of phytoactive nutrients in their entirety. It also ensures that there is no loss of the molecule’s cellular integrity and stability. CE effectively delivers the plant’s full profile of water-soluble or oil-soluble phyto-compounds, as bioavailable as in the plant itself – for long periods of time. The compounds are transferred to a hydrating delivery system that is ready to formulate safeguarding the phyto-activity of the molecules.

CE truly harnesses the essence of plant matter into a liquid medium without degrading or stressing the molecules. They are 100% active, stable, and gentle. 

Why a ‘Liquid Matrix’?

Liquid matrix is the carrier solvent in which the phytonutrients are dispensed directly via cellular extraction. This hydrating medium provides a conducive environment for the molecules to protect them from breaking down once extracted. It ensures that the plant nutrients are extracted in their most active form and are ready to be formulated.

Why is there Water and Glycerine in the ‘Liquid Matrix’?

All extraction methods require a solvent to carry out the process. We have chosen a matrix of water and glycerine that effectively attracts the hydrophilic nutrients without compromising cellular integrity and also provides better hydrating benefits for the skin.

Glycerine is a natural humectant i.e., it tends to prevent moisture loss through the skin. Its emollient properties help hydrate the skin, relieve dryness and soothe inflamed skin. In serums, glycerine improves the penetration capacity of the product and preps skin better for the following skincare steps.

Our glycerine is sustainably sourced, food-grade and vegetable-based. We use rain-harvested and purified water to ensure we do not take away from the precious public supply. 

Juicy Actives™️ 

Juicy Actives is a range of hydrating serums that are naturally activated from wild-harvested plant matters to penetrate deeper through the layers of the skin to treat, repair, and heal. Our serums deliver an entourage of hydrophilic phytonutrients such as Vitamin C, Antioxidants, AHAs and BHAs, Amino Acids, and Phenolic Acids in their most active form making them as bioavailable and effective as the plants themselves.

Principally, Juicy Actives fall in line with our existing range of products. They're 100% plant-based, sustainably sourced, potent, and certified. 

However, they do differ in terms of formulation. These are water-based serums with 0.5% or less food-grade preservatives that ensure pure and potent phytonutrients are safely delivered to the skin.

Juicy Actives are India’s first-ever range of 100% Active plant-based serums formulated via Cellular Extraction. 

What do Active Ingredients mean?

Our serums are formulated with active phytonutrients just how they exist in the plant matter itself. The active compounds in our serums form 99.5% or more of the composition. As the phytonutrients are extracted directly from the plant matter into a carrier solvent, our serums offer an entourage of actives that are as effective and gentle as the plant itself. Cellular Extraction ensures there’s no loss of cellular integrity during the extraction process.

Delivered through a water-based medium, the active ingredients are readily accepted and penetrate deeper through the skin to hydrate and support skin renewal. 

With the launch of Juicy Actives, we now extend holistic skincare solutions and a complete 100% Natural, Sustainable and Active routine i.e.,

Cleanse - Tone - Treat - Moisturise - Protect

How do Juicy Actives fit in your routine?

Juicy Actives are carefully formulated with select ingredients to serve different skincare concerns such as acne, clogged pores, well-ageing, pigmentation, hair loss, etc. 

As per your skin concerns, you may select a suitable Juicy Active and use it as the third step of your daily skincare routine i.e., post cleansing and toning but before moisturiser and sunscreen. 

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