A Guide To Buy The Right Organic Body Butter For Your Skin Concerns

We often pay all our attention to caring for our facial skin. However, caring for the skin on the rest of our body is equally important. Including organic body butters that are specially formulated with nourishing, plant-derived ingredients can not only keep your skin moisturised, but also help you tackle concerns such as dark spots, stretch marks, and inflammation in the long run. Here’s a guide on buying organic body butters online for better skin health.

What Is Organic Body Butter And Its Key Ingredients?

An organic body butter is a nourishing body moisturiser made with organic ingredients. At Juicy Chemistry, we make our body butters by blending organic cold-pressed oils with plant butters and aromatic essential oils to deliver essential antioxidants and softness to your skin.

Benefits Of Organic Body Butter

  • Nourished Skin:

    Body butters are made with rich oils and butters to provide intense nourishment to your skin and prevent dryness and itching.

  • Healthy Barrier:

    Antioxidants present in body butters repair damaged skin and improve barrier function.

  • Youthful Glow:

    Vitamins and essential fatty acids in body butters enhance skin tone, promote wound-healing, prevent age spots and boost glow.

  • Pure Ingredients:

    At Juicy Chemistry, we use certified organic ingredients in our formulations. This helps us ensure that our products are pure, effective, and safe for your skin’s health.

  • Sustainability:

    Our body butters are certified organic, natural, cruelty-free, and vegan. We use recyclable and eco-friendly packaging to store and ship our products. Our manufacturing approach is nature-friendly and does not cause environmental pollution.

How To Use Organic Body Butter?

Scoop out some body butter out of its jar using a clean spoon. Apply it on your skin, and massage it well. Pay extra attention to dry areas such as elbows and knees. Wait for it to get completely absorbed into your skin before wearing clothes or lying down on your bed.

Tips To Buy The Right Organic Body Butter Online For Your Skin Concern

  1. Assess Your Skin’s Requirement:

    Be clear about what your skin needs before rushing to buy organic body butters online. If you have dry skin, choose body butter with shea butter and cocoa butter to nourish your skin deeply. If your concern is hyperpigmentation, look for body butter with rosehip oil and sweet almond oil to promote an even skin tone.

  2. Be Clear With Your Ethics:

    Do you use natural products, organic products, or both? Do you prefer vegan products, cruelty-free products, or both? Being clear about your ethics can help you narrow down your options and make the process of buying body butters online quicker.

  3. Check The Product Features:

    On the Juicy Chemistry website, we have listed the features and functions of all our products to help you decide which formulation can be the best match for your skin.

  4. Analyse The Ingredients:

    Check the list of ingredients on the website or on the back of the product label to analyse whether it will be effective against your skin concern or not.

    For example, our Fig, Vanilla and Blood Orange Body Butter is an aromatic blend of organic mango butter, olive oil, blood orange essential oil and vanilla extract to nourish dry skin deeply.

    However, a more intense formula such as our Neroli, Rosehip and Tamanu Body Butter contains organic shea butter, rosehip oil, vitamin e, and neroli essential oil, repairs sun damage, and prevents stretch marks as well.

  5. Read Testimonials / Reviews:

    Once you have shortlisted the body butter you like, read its reviews to gain more clarity about the results you can expect from it.


Organic body butters are made with organic oils and butters that nourish your skin deeply, improve barrier function and promote an even tone.

To buy body butter online, assess your skin type and concern first. Read the product description, ingredients, and reviews next to make an informed choice.

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