How to Get Rid of Pimples On Forehead? 11 Best Tips

How To Get Rid Of Pimples On Forehead?

11 Best Tips

Acne is an inflammatory skin condition triggered by the C. acnes bacteria that affects people of all ages. Some people get it all over their face while there are some who get it exclusively on the forehead. These pimples on the forehead look like small bumps on the skin and may or may not be inflamed. While the common causes behind acne anywhere on the body are the same, forehead acne may be triggered due to some other factors as well. Let us learn about what causes forehead acne and how to reduce forehead acne naturally.

Common Reasons For Forehead Acne

1. Hormonal Imbalance -

Forehead acne caused due to hormonal imbalance is a common occurrence during or after puberty. Fluctuation in the levels of androgens or other hormones leads to overproduction of sebum on your skin and scalp which clogs pores and causes pimples in your T-zone.

2. Stress - 

Increase in the level of cortisol (the stress hormone) in your body can also cause pimples on your forehead. 

3. Oral Medication -

Acne can also be a side effect of consuming certain oral medications such as steroids or anticonvulsants.

4. Hygiene -

Not cleansing your hair and face properly, or sleeping on unwashed pillow cases for a prolonged period can clog your pores and lead to acne on your forehead.

5. Hair Products -

Some hair products like shampoos, conditioners, gels, oils, pomades, or waxes can trigger acne on the forehead due to potential pore-clogging ingredients.

6. Skin Irritation -

Friction from headbands, sleeping on rough pillowcases, or using certain skin care products that are not barrier-friendly can also cause pimples on the forehead.

7. Diet -

If your diet consists mainly of high-glycaemic index items like dairy or refined foods, or you tend to consume a high amount of sugar on a regular basis, it may trigger acne too.

Note - Sometimes you can see small bumps on forehead that's not acne. This can be a temporary reaction of your skin to a new product, or environmental or lifestyle changes. 

How To Get Rid Of Forehead Acne?

1. Balance Hormone Levels -

If you have hormonal acne (other symptoms include irregular periods and hirsutism), make holistic changes in your lifestyle and alter your food habits after consulting a nutritionist. A visit to your gynaecologist will help rule out any potential health concerns like PCOS or thyroid.

2. Regulate Excess Sebum -

Using natural astringents and linoleic acid-rich oils can help regulate sebum production in your face. You can also use a clay mask 1-2 times a week to keep your skin clear. Simply make a paste with bentonite clay and organic rose water and apply it on your skin to reduce oiliness. Rinse it off after it dries, and pat your skin dry gently with a soft cloth.

3. Avoid Pore-Clogging Ingredients -

Prefer skin care and hair care products that are oil-free or are made with plant oils that have a low comedogenic rating to prevent your pores from getting clogged.

4. Keep Your Scalp Clean -

To avoid pimples on the forehead caused by dead skin and oil buildup from your scalp, keep your scalp and hair clean. Avoid using hair styling products frequently, wash your hair 2-3 times a week with our gentle organic shampoos to prevent scalp buildup, and change your pillowcases 1-2 times a week to maintain hygiene.

5. Use Gentle Skin Care Products -

If you have acne on your forehead, avoid using skin care products that can irritate your skin. Instead, choose gentle formulations that keep your skin hydrated and supple.


6. Keep Your Skin Clean -

Use a gentle, hydrating cleanser to remove dirt and sebum from your face twice a day. Exfoliate your skin twice a week to slough away dead skin cells. This will prevent clogged pores and keep your forehead clear.

7. Make Healthy Diet Choices -

Limit your intake of processed food and refined oils for cooking. Make sure to include fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts in your diet.

8. Use Antimicrobial Ingredients -

Ingredients like neem, tea tree, rosemary and turmeric have antimicrobial properties that can keep acne-causing bacteria at bay. Using them regularly in your skincare routine will reduce the number of breakouts on your forehead and also help get rid of existing pimples on your forehead faster.

9. Soothe Your Skin -

Inflammation is sometimes a symptom of acne, and often the cause behind it too. Using soothing ingredients like aloe vera, lavender and green tea can help calm inflammation.

10. Consult A Dermatologist -

If products or home remedies for forehead acne are not working for you, it is time to see a dermatologist to get professional advice. Dermatologists can help diagnose the root cause and provide medical advice accordingly.

11. Oil Your Hair Moderately -

Oiling your hair is good practice to nourish your scalp. However, saturating your hair with oil can lead to forehead acne. So take only a small amount of oil that is needed to massage your scalp without creating friction. After oiling your hair, remember to wash your face with mild acne soap or a face wash for acne prone skin.

Juicy Chemistry’s Beginner Friendly Kit For Acne And Scars

Our beginner friendly kit for acne and scars is especially curated with some of our best products for forehead acne. These formulas help to reduce concerns such as pimples, pitted scars and Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) on acne-prone skin, oily skin and combination skin. The kit includes the following Juicy Chemistry products -

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Does dandruff cause acne?

Yes, dandruff residue and grease can spread to the forehead and cause acne. 

Does toothpaste remove forehead acne?

We advise against applying toothpaste or other household items on the skin as they may cause further irritation and inflammation.

Can I use a scrub on active acne?

No, we would advise against using physical exfoliators on active pimples as they can irritate your skin and cause the pustule to rupture and bleed. We recommend exfoliating your skin only if you have no acne or very mild acne.



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