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How To Use Rose Water For Hair? Benefits And Remedies


They say 'A rose by any other name would smell as sweet!’ The beauty and benefits of roses go way beyond their fragrance. Rose water is the most accessible and multipurpose ingredient that one can include in their beauty routine. It is a rose distillate possessing immense beautifying properties. Today we are going to check the benefits and ways of using Juicy Chemistry’s Bulgarian Rose Water for hair.


Benefits Of Using Rose Water for Hair Health

Rose water can improve hair health by addressing a multitude of hair-related problems. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Along with beautifying your hair, it can also help to soothe and balance your scalp due to its pH value. A well-balanced scalp is known to pave the way for achieving healthy hair.




  1. Antioxidant

Rose water contains flavonoids and polyphenols which can be beneficial in hair growth. It can be used in conjunction with other hair growth ingredients to promote a healthy mane.

  1. Antibacterial

Rose water possesses mild antibacterial properties that can be useful in reducing mild dandruff with regular and consistent usage. If you are using an anti-dandruff shampoo, then rose water can be used to soothe your scalp after rinsing out your shampoo.

  1. Anti-inflammatory

The natural anti-inflammatory properties of rose water can help to reduce inflammation occurring due to dryness on your scalp or incorrect use of hair care products. Studies show that our scalp has less sensitive sensory nerves which might result in worsening scalp conditions easily. Hence, soothing flower waters such as Bulgarian Rose Water can help in preventing and minimising scalp irritation.

  1. Balances Sebum

Rose water can help to reduce the oiliness of your scalp due to its pH value. Sometimes the scalp may get irritated due to the overuse of hair care products. Rose water is beneficial in such cases when used on hair or scalp to restore the barrier and prevent excess production of sebum.

  1. Conditions Hair

The hydrating properties of rose water can help retain moisture in frizzy hair strands. Rose water also adds shine to your hair while making them softer.

 How To Use Rose Water for Hair?

 Use Rose Water as a Hair Mist

The simplest way to use Bulgarian Rose Water for hair is to spray it directly on your hair and scalp and let it absorb. This tip works best after washing your hair because a clean scalp will absorb the nutrients of rose water in a better way. It is also a great way to add the aroma of fresh roses to your hair.

  1. Use Rose Water to Dilute Your Shampoo

If you prefer to dilute your shampoo before use, then try using rose water instead of plain water next time. The hydrating and soothing properties of rose water will be especially helpful in softening your hair and cooling your scalp, respectively.

  1. Use Rose Water as The Last Rinse

Many people use certain teas, herbal concoctions or cold water as their last rinse. Bulgarian Rose Water can be used as a last rinse for hydrating the hair and imparting shine.

  1. Use Rose Water to Massage Your Scalp

You can apply rose water to your scalp and massage it with a very light hand. It can help with improving the blood circulation on your scalp and promoting hair growth. It is a good alternative for those who want something lighter than oil to use as a pre-shampoo hair ritual.

Juicy Chemistry Bulgarian Rose Water


Our Certified Organic Bulgarian Rose Water is made by using the steam distillation technique which helps us in extracting the potent benefits of fresh Bulgarian Rose petals gently. Juicy Chemistry’s Bulgarian Rose Water hydrates your skin and scalp and also helps in restoring their pH value. Rich in polyphenols, it also exhibits antioxidant and antibacterial properties which make it a wonderful addition to your hair care routine all year round.


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can I leave rose water in your hair?

Yes, you can leave rose water in your hair when using it as the last rinse or even when using it as a hair mist. Remember to use rose water on freshly cleaned hair and scalp for best results.

  • Can I mix rose water in hair oil?

Since oil and water do not mix well with each other, rose water may not get absorbed into your scalp and hair properly in the presence of oil. Hence, it is better to use rose water on freshly cleaned hair.

  • Can I use rose water toner on my hair?

To get the maximum benefits of rose water, we recommend you to use a rose water toner that is made with undiluted rose water only. Try the Juicy Chemistry Bulgarian Rose Water which contains 100% Organic Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol and no other ingredients.

  • Can I leave rose water in my hair overnight?

Yes. You can leave rose water in your hair overnight. Make sure that it has been completely absorbed by your scalp and hair before you go to bed.

  • How to make rose water at home?

Online tutorials often instruct you to heat, steam or boil rose petals in order to extract rose water. However, these methods do not create a true rose hydrosol, but only ‘rose tea’ or rose-infused water. Authentic rose water is made through steam distillation of rose petals with a distiller which ensures that heat doesn’t destroy sensitive compounds of the rose flower. This is why we recommend using Steam-distilled Bulgarian Rose Water for the best results.



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