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Natural ways to get thick hair

Amazing Ways to Get Thick Hair - Facts You Need to Know

Is your hair getting thinner? Are you looking for natural ways to get thick hair? Well, you've come to the right place. 

As you age, your hair gradually loses thickness. It could be due to nutrient deficiencies, stress, hormonal changes, and other environmental factors. Hair thinning happens over time which means you have time to figure out causes and natural ways to get thicker hair. Therefore, here are some home remedies, tips, and organic products that you can incorporate into your lifestyle to get thick hair. 

But, first let's have a look at the causes of hair thinning.

Factors affecting hair thickness

First things first! It's normal to lose 100 hairs a day but if you are losing more than that it means you are shedding more than you should. The primary step is to recognize what might be the root cause -

  • Lack of nutrients
    Nutrients boost hair growth by providing the right amount of nutrition to hair follicles. Try to follow a diet that includes food rich in iron, omega-3, and other minerals. These nutrients promote thicker hair naturally. Include protein and nutrients enriched diet such as quinoa, nuts, seeds and beans.
  • Stress
    Too much stress promotes the formulation of hormones such as cortisol. When hair grows up from the roots, these hormones tend to work against the growth. Indulge in activities like meditation, listening to music, and exercise that help control your stress levels.
  • Vitamin D deficiency
    Vitamin D stimulates hair growth and makes hair thicker naturally. When the deficiency arises, hair becomes weak and starts to fall out. Consult your doctor to find out the deficiency if any and alter your diet accordingly.
  • Using products that are not suitable for you
    Have you ever paid attention to the products you are using? If not, do it right away. Not all products suit everyone. Also, tight hairstyles and heat-inducing styling tools may lead to a lot of stress on the hair roots making them weaker over time. It is imperative to identify the right products as per your scalp type and concerns and adapt to a healthier hair care regime.

Natural remedies to enhance hair thickness

The natural remedies that enhance hair growth and make your hair thicker are-

  • Oranges
    Do you love oranges? Then, this remedy is for you. Oranges are loaded with Vitamin C and nutrients that help grow thick hair. These compounds hydrate the scalp & strengthen the roots. What you have to do is blend one or two oranges, massage the scalp and apply it all over your hair. Leave this for at least 1 hour and then wash off thoroughly. 
  • Aloe vera 
    Aloe vera is a multi-purpose natural remedy. For getting thick hair naturally, use it on the scalp as it helps to stimulate growth. You need to blend some aloe vera gel (middle area of the leaf) and apply it to your scalp and hair. Leave for one hour and wash it off thoroughly. Repeat this process once a week.
  • Avocado 
    Avocado is enriched with Vitamin E that helps make hair thick over time and moisturizes it as well. You need to prepare the avocado paste. To do so, add 1 avocado fruit and 1 tbsp of olive oil. Mix both well. Apply it to the scalp and hair length thoroughly. Leave it for 1 hour and after that wash it off.
  • Castor oil
    Castor oil is a natural oil that's loaded with powerful Vitamin E and fatty acids. These properties of castor oil stimulate hair follicles and boost thicker hair naturally. Castor oil has a thick consistency so mix it with another carrier oil like Argan. Add castor oil and argan oil in equal proportions. Mix well. Massage your scalp gently and let it stay overnight. 

Note- Patch test is recommended before any of these natural remedies.

Ways to prevent hair thinning

Hair thinning happens gradually and one can prevent it by following a proper routine. So, let's get into how to get thicker hair naturally-

  • Avoid frequent shampoo
    You don't have to wash your hair every day. It can be twice or thrice a week, but not daily. Washing your hair frequently pulls out the natural oils and leaves hair dry. 
  • Avoid heat styling
    Styling tools such as curlers, straighteners and dryers often make your hair dry. Overheat isn't good for hair health, it weakens the hair follicles and hair starts falling out. You can use them sometimes, but not very often.
  • Take care of scalp
    Scalp is the base of your hair growth. Massage your scalp with lukewarm oil before hair wash. You can prefer dry massage, as it stimulates hair follicles and results in thick hair naturally. 
  • Style your hair gently
    Too-tight hairstyles put stress on your hair follicles and lead to hair loss. Few hairstyles such as a high ponytail, braids, and dreads pull the hair, and this eventually makes your hair weak and hair falls out gradually.
  • Condition your hair
    Moisturizing and conditioning your hair is so necessary. Harsh air, pollution, heat and dirt make hair frizzy, dry and dull. Then gradually hair starts thinning. Always follow shampoo with conditioner, keep oiling your hair and detangle gently.

Juicy Chemistry's products to prevent hair thinning and stimulating hair growth

  • Chilli, Horsetail & Black Seed Hair Oil
    The powerful natural ingredients of this oil boost blood flow and improve hair health. Our organic hair oil is clinically tested to help control hair fall, boost new growth and make hair thicker. 
  • Marula, argan and lavender hair oil
    This hair oil is super nourishing and moisturizing for the scalp and hair. A blend of wonderful organic nourishing oils that not only makes hair soft and shiny but also controls hair fall & thinning.
  • Hibiscus, amla and bhringraj hair oil
    A combination of amla and bhringraj is known to keep your hair healthy. This organic hair oil prevents hair thinning and stimulates hair follicles. It makes your hair soft, moisturized, and healthy.
  • Hibiscus, Onion & Bhringraj Shampoo Bar
    Our organic and effective shampoo bar helps remove all residue and dirt so that hair can grow comfortably. This shampoo bar prevents hair breakage by making hair follicles strong and healthy.


  • At what age does hair start to thin?
    Hair might start getting thin in your early 20s. It depends majorly on hormonal imbalances and environmental stressors you are exposed to.
  • What's the best vitamin for hair growth?
    The best vitamin for hair growth is B-Vitamin which’s biotin. While considering supplements, we highly recommend taking a professional’s guidance. 
  • Can hair grow back after thinning?
    Hair thinning doesn't mean complete baldness. Therefore, hair can grow after getting thin. Once the concern gets healed, hair grows back, which might take a few months or even more than that depending on your individual concern.