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Rosemary Oil for Hair Growth: 2 Best Natural Remedies

Rosemary oil is a precious oil known for its healing properties. Gulmehendi is the name for rosemary in Hindi. Apart from skincare, it is a good essential oil to be used for hair care too. It is a prized oil for being antifungal, antibacterial and antiseptic. It has a slightly camphorous odour which feels good and peaceful.

Juicy Chemistry’s Rosemary Essential Oil is extracted by steam distillation of needle-like rosemary leaves. The rosemary plant itself is native to the Mediterranean. Due to its miraculous benefits for hair, it is now cultivated around the world. Dried rosemary leaves are often used in cooking whereas rosemary oil is widely used in beauty products.

The major components of rosemary oil are α-Pinene, 1,8-cineole, camphor, and borneol. It is also rich in monoterpenes, flavonoids, and phenolic acids. Let us walk you through the important benefits of rosemary essential oil in hair growth.

Can Rosemary Oil Help with Hair Growth?

Yes! Rosemary helps with hair growth when used topically (diluted form) on the scalp. Regular use of hair care products infused with organic rosemary essential oil is also touted to show some considerable effect on hair growth. Many people brew rosemary leaves and use this tea as a hair rinse. If you have any allergy to rosemary essential oil, you can easily use the leaves to make a simple hair rinse.

A study found that rosemary essential oil is as effective as minoxidil in helping with hair growth. Minoxidil is commonly prescribed to enhance hair growth. The study also found that rosemary oil had lesser side effects when compared to minoxidil.

Benefits of Rosemary Oil for Hair

  1. Antioxidant
    Environmental factors such as exposure to pollution, heat and ultraviolet radiation can create oxidative stress in our hair follicles. Rosemary oil is a natural antioxidant which helps in mitigating the free radicals that cause damage to hair health.
  2. Natural Stimulant
    Rosemary oil acts as a natural stimulant when applied topically to the scalp. It boosts blood circulation to help with hair growth.
  3. Anti-inflammatory

    The anti-inflammatory properties of rosemary essential oil reduce inflammation and irritation caused to your hair and scalp, thereby inducing normal hair growth.

  4. Strengthens Hair Follicles
    Irregular production of sebum on the scalp may lead to poor hair growth due to congestion or dehydration near hair follicles. The antifungal properties of rosemary oil may help regulate oil production on the scalp thereby supporting healthy hair growth.
  5. Prevents Premature Greying Of Hair
    The nutritious quality of rosemary oil can boost the overall health and longevity of your hair and prevent premature greying.
  6. Reduces Dandruff
    The antifungal property of rosemary oil makes it an apt ingredient for reducing dandruff. It can reduce the fungus that causes dandruff as well as reduce excess oiliness on the scalp. A clean, dandruff-free scalp helps to keep the mane healthy.

How to Use Rosemary Oil for Hair Care

After checking the wondrous benefits of rosemary oil, you might be eager to make it a part of your hair care routine. Rosemary essential oil can be added to cold pressed carrier oils and used topically on your scalp.

Always use diluted rosemary oil on the scalp and never directly. The essential oil has to be used at 1% dilution, that is if you take 1 ml of rosemary essential oil then use 99 ml of carrier oil for dilution.

DIY Rosemary Oil For Hair Growth
Ingredients -
2 teaspoons of cold pressed jojoba oil
Procedure -
1. Take 2 teaspoons of Jojoba oil in a bowl and add 2-3 drops of rosemary essential oil to it. Stir well with a clean spoon.
2. Massage this blended oil on your scalp gently.
3. You can leave the oil in your hair overnight or wash it after one hour.
DIY Almond And Rosemary Scalp Massage Oil
Ingredients -
1 teaspoon of cold pressed castor oil
Procedure -
1. Mix all the ingredients together in a clean bowl.
2. This mixture can be gently massaged on your scalp once every 3 days or justify in for one hour before shampoo.

Juicy Chemistry Products With Rosemary Oil

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Juicy Chemistry Neem Butter, Pumpkin & Ginger Organic Hair Mask
This is a soothing and conditioning pre-shampoo hair mask that effectively nourishes the hair and provides a calming feeling on your scalp.
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    • Can rosemary oil regrow hair?
      Yes, rosemary oil is found to be as effective as Minoxidil to improve hair regrowth without any substantial side effects.
    • How long does it take for rosemary oil to grow hair?
      It can take anything from 3 to 6 months to show effects. The time frame also varies from individual to individual.
    • Is rosemary or peppermint better for hair growth?
      Both oils are beneficial for hair growth. They can be used individually or by adding 1-2 drops of both oils in three teaspoons of Argan Oil or Jojoba oil.


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