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Complete Guide to Organic Hair Colours

Are you looking for a safe, natural way to colour your hair? If you are, you’re not alone. Many people are now turning to organic hair colours as an alternative to conventional hair dyes which not only contain harsh chemicals but are also known to damage hair health.

If you’re thinking of switching to organic hair colours, then this guide is for you. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about organic hair colours, from benefits to how to choose the right colours.

What Does Organic Hair Colour mean?

Organic hair colours are made from natural ingredients that are grown without pesticides or other harmful chemicals. They are gentle on the hair and scalp and completely natural. They are also free from harsh chemicals, such as ammonia and peroxide which are often used in hair dyes and can cause dryness, damage, and irritation to the scalp.

Organic hair colours are available in a wide range of shades, from jet black to burgundy. They are ideal to enhance your natural hair colour or cover up greys.

Ingredient To Look for In an Organic Hair Colour

  • Henna:

    Henna is the oldest known natural dye to mankind and is still popular for covering grey hair. It has a compound called lawsone which imparts a reddish-orange colour to hair. You will find it as a key ingredient in all organic haircolours.

  • Indigo:

    If you prefer black hair, then henna can be mixed with indigo to get the natural black colour. Indigo has a blue pigment which imparts deep black colour when mixed with henna.

  • Hibiscus:

    Hibiscus is a wonderful ingredient for scalp health. The red petals can be used with henna to get organic burgundy hair colour.

  • Amla:

    Amla is rich in tannins making it a wonderful ingredient in covering grey hair. It is also rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants which help in naturally darkening your hair colour.

  • Bhringraj:

    Bhringraj is rich in antioxidants that protect your hair from damage. It also supports hair growth and soothes the itchy scalp.

  • Black Tea:

    Black tea leaves are rich in tannins and gallic acid which enhance hair colour and improve its longevity while the antioxidants protect the scalp from oxidative damage.

Benefits of Using Organic Hair Colour

  • No harsh side effects:

    Conventional hair colours are linked to several side effects like increased hair fall, hair breakage, dryness, scalp irritation, and frizz due to the harsh chemicals used to get better results. But organic hair colour is only made of botanicals which have no side effects.

  • Covers up greys:

    Organic hair colours are very effective in covering hair grey hair, they impart a uniform colour on hair and can also help reduce premature hair greying by nourishing the scalp

  • Improves hair health

    The ingredients used in organic hair colour are rich in natural vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and other phytochemicals which leave you with healthy, soft and nourished hair. They can also help reduce hair fall, dandruff and breakage by deeply moisturising, strengthening and soothing scalp and hair.

  • Suits all skin types

    People with sensitive skin get severe allergic reactions and are unable to use conventional hair colours. But since organic hair colours are gentle on your skin and scalp they can be used even on the most sensitive, dry scalp.

How to Choose the Best Organic Hair Colour?

While there are many henna-based hair colours in the market that claim to be organic and natural, most of them have hidden chemicals that can be harsh on your skin.

The best organic hair colour is one that is made with only organically-grown herbal powders and has no extra dyes and additives. So check the label to see if all the ingredients are disclosed and ask for the source of ingredients.

Best Juicy Chemistry Organic Hair Colours

  • Espresso: A soft black hair colour made with ingredients like henna, indigo and amla powders.

  • Doppio: A 2-step hair colour made with henna and indigo powders for a deep black shade.

  • Irish: A burgundy hair colour made with hibiscus, manjishta and henna powders.

  • Americano: A dark brown hair colour made with bhringraj, amla and henna powders.

All these hair colours are certified organic by Ecocert France as per Cosmos v3 standards.


If you are looking for a safe, effective and 100% natural way to hide your greys and impart a natural colour to your hair, try our Ecocert-certified organic hair colour today.


  • How long do organic hair colours last?

    Based on your hair wash frequency, choice of shampoo and hair health, these colours can last up to 4-6 weeks before requiring a touch-up.

  • How to use organic hair colour?

    Mix the required quantity with hot water to make a smooth paste and let it cool. Apply it on pre washed hair and let it sit for 2 hours before rinsing with water.

  • Can I use these colours on chemically dyed hair?

    Yes, you can but it will take 3-4 uses to achieve the desired shade of colour.

  • Is this hair colour suitable for grey hair?

    Yes, these colours are best-suited grey, blonde, light brown, and dark brown hair.


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