Many manufacturers making organic claims for their products bypass the certification process making their organic percentage or ingredient safety claims nothing more than self-declarations. Certification is important as this guarantees the consumer that all product claims have been independently verified. The COSMOS logo means every aspect of our products have been scrutinized as complying with the stringent organic and quality standards of this certification, in particular, every farmer supplying us ingredients must also be certified organic. There is no room for error, there is no green-washing. You can be confident what you get is honest beauty from an honest brand.


Producing certified organic skincare is important to Juicy Chemistry for two reasons:


You. We believe that organic skincare ingredients grown without chemical pesticides and fertilisers retain their highest possible bioactivity. In their most pure state they are the highest-performing and healthiest ingredients for your skin.

In today's world of misleading claims, false advertising, and simple deception, it often leaves consumers trying to discover the truth about personal products and their ingredients.


  • We want you to know that we are committed to complete transparency in everything we do.
  • We want you to know that when we say "organic," we mean it.
  • We believe that in becoming a ECOCERT Certified Organic company, you do not have to wonder if we really use certified organic ingredients or if our organic products are truly organic.  
  • So we choose to be a certified organic company and abide by the strict standards required for organic certification. 


Earth. We favour using raw plant ingredients cultivated sustainably in organic orchards and fields, because production without chemical contamination is kindest to the Earth.

Juicy Chemistry is India’s first and only fully certified organic skincare manufacturer, making us a green beauty brand you can genuinely trust.


Organic certification provides you with a guarantee

  •   That the product ingredients were produced without the use of toxic pesticides, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), sewage sludge or irradiation
  • That assures you that your skin care products are free of the synthetic chemicals often used in the skin care industry
  • That raw ingredients and finished products are handled, packaged and distributed without risk of contamination