The Rise of Natural Long-lasting Deodorant: Neutralises body odor

It is worth noting that during this revolution, natural deodorants have gained increasing popularity as a preferred choice for preventing foul odor. These deodorants are not only eco-friendly but also offer benefits for our bodies.

Changing from traditional deodorants to natural alternatives is wise because it eliminates harmful chemicals that can adversely affect our adrenaline glands.

Natural deodorants use plant-based extracts for odor and moisture absorption. Using natural deodorants also helps keep underarms fresh by neutralizing body odor. Their natural clays help detoxify the pores, while plant oils promote even-toned skin.

Reasons behind the increasing popularity of natural, long-lasting deodorants

Organic deodorants are formulated with organic ingredients and natural clays that help maintain healthy underarm skin. These natural, long-lasting deodorants contain hydrating ingredients such as cocoa butter and shea butter, which keep the skin's moisture level.

Additionally, their skin-soothing properties provide relief from itchy underarms.

Let us explore the reasons behind the rise of natural long-lasting deodorants and how they effectively neutralize and how it effectively neutralizes body odor without compromising health or the environment.

Balance the body odor

Though your sweat is odorless, the bacteria that thrive on your underarms emit a funky body odor. Organic deodorants contain common ingredients such as arrowroot powder, coconut oil, essential oils, and carrier oils. These ingredients effectively control body odor and offer additional benefits such as nourishment and moisturization for the skin.

Also, it contains tapioca starch, a gentler gluten-free ingredient, making it more skin-friendly.

Maintain the skin tone and firmness

It is common for the skin under the arms to become darker than the rest of the body, affecting our confidence. However, maintaining an even skin tone in the underarm area is also essential.

A deodorant containing antioxidants and terpenes can help improve skin tone and texture. These antioxidants help shield the skin from environmental aggressors.

Goodbye to dry skin

There are multiple reasons why our underarm area tends to become dry. Shaving the armpits is among the most common self-care practices, as it can strip away the skin's natural moisture barrier, leading to dryness.

Organic deodorants are enriched with essential fatty acids like omega-6 and 9, providing deep nourishment to the skin and preventing it from drying. In addition, they contain plant vitamins such as A, C, and E that help keep the skin hydrated.

less conducive to bacterial growth

The armpits are the body part that is considered the interstitial zone. Due to the folds of the skin, this area is prone to moisture and lack of airflow, which can often result in the growth of bacteria and specific yeast organisms.

Organic deodorants containing ingredients with antibacterial properties, such as blood orange essential oil, can help make the armpits less conducive to bacterial growth. These deodorants are beneficial in reducing the number of bacteria in body folds, effectively reducing armpit smell.

Sooth inflammation

An organic deodorant containing Polyphenol and flavonoids can help even tone skin and soothe inflammations. Additionally, the terpenes in this deodorant stick have anti-inflammatory properties that can be beneficial.

Geranium essential oil is a natural astringent with anti-inflammatory properties that can improve underarm skin texture over time.


Juicy Chemistry's Blood Orange and Geranium Deodorant is packed with nutrients. The blood orange essential oil is rich in antioxidants that help promote healthier and supple skin with a bright glow. Similarly, geranium essential oil is even more nutritious.

It soothes the underarm skin and improves its tone and appearance over time. The natural kaolin clay helps absorb excess sebum and sweat, preventing pore clogging in the underarm area.

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