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Neem Fine Tooth Comb

Who doesn’t adore soft, lustrous, tangle – free locks? All of us, right? And yet, wooden combs have been the unsung hero in this whole game. While combing your beautiful locks is a good habit, regular plastic and metal combs can do more harm than good and therefore switching to wooden combs is the best decision for better health of your precious tresses.

While regular combs can be sharp and rough on your scalp, the one made with wood is extremely soft and gentle. Since wood is a bad conductor, it doesn’t create static electricity unlike plastic and metal combs thereby reducing frizz and damage. Wooden combs also stimulate blood vessels and enhance blood circulation in the scalp thereby promoting hair growth. It also helps in distributing oil naturally produced by the scalp to the lengths of hair evenly and prevents the ends from dying out. Massaging scalp with a wooden comb also helps in relaxing the mind.

Our wooden combs come with additional benefits of Neem. The medicinal and anti – bacterial properties of Neem helps in controlling hair fall and cures dandruff while giving relief to itchy and irritated scalp.

Its time to start from the basics and add our Neem Comb to your carts.