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Certified Organic Shea Butter

Net Weight: 50gms


With a comedogenic value of zero, this versatile butter is great for all skin types. Extracted from the nut of the African Shea Tree, the butter contains Oleic Acid which is a saturated fatty acid. It mimics the sebum which is naturally produced by our skin. Shea butter is easily absorbed into the skin and it intensely moisturises and provides relief for dry skin.

*Disclaimer – Just like fine chocolates, our Body Butters melt in Transit since they are free from synthetics, stabilisers and additives. You can refrigerate the product and then use it. The efficacy and the quantity of the product doesnt change at all.

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Additional Notes

Temperature changes can affect consistency, effectiveness and life of product. Many commercial products contain phthalates, MEA, petroleum oils to stabilize, emulsify and maintain thickness and same consistency through all temperature variations.

Our natural organic products do not contain these or any other synthetic additives. During very warm weather, products especially balms and butters may soften or even melt in transit as they sit in warm trucks, warm bags of delivery boys.

Store them always in a cool place away from direct sunlight or heat. If happens keep it back in a cool place to regain consistency.

Once opened, close lid tightly after each use to keep the aroma of natural oils locked. Avoid dipping contaminated or wet fingers into balm jar. Once opened use it within 4-5 months to ensure effectiveness.

Since they are completely free from preservatives, it should be used within 6 months of purchase. We recommend a patch test before use.