India’s 1st skin and hair care range of products to be certified organic by Ecocert ( France ) in accordance with COSMOS V3 standard.

Saffron, Rose & Australian Sandalwood Face Scrub for brighter skin

Organic Certified Face Scrub
Brightens & Rejuvenates Skin

This gentle scrub is rich in antioxidants and nourishing plant oils that ensure the skin is not stripped off of moisture. It gently cleanses and unclogs pores to reveal rejuvenated and brighter skin.


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Gentle-exfoliant: Made with nourishing plant oils such as those of Jojoba, Grape Seed and Argan Oils, this face scrub does not strip the skin of its natural moisture. 

Antioxidant: Flavonoids found in plant oils such as Grape Seed Oils and in essential oils such as Sandalwood oils protect from free radical damage. 

Phenols: Found in essential oils such as Geranium. Phenols are antioxidants that protect against sun damage and free radicals and soothe inflammations.

Plant vitamins: Vitamin E keeps the scalp hydrated and nourished.

Fatty-acids: Jojoba, Argan and Sunflower Seed oils are rich in saturated and unsaturated fatty acids such as palmitic, omega 3 and stearic acids that nourish the skin.

Terpenes: Sandalwood Essential Oil is rich in sesquiterpenes that soothe the skin and stimulate blood circulation. 

More Info
  • Age: 13 years and above
  • Skin type: 
  • Gender: Unisex product
  • Expecting and breastfeeding mothers: Consult with a physician prior to use.

PATCH TEST is advisable before adding a new product to your routine. Apply the product on your inner elbow/jawline and observe for the next 24 hours. If there’s no reaction, you can apply the product on your face. If the skin is sensitive, continue the test for 7 days. This helps ensure you are not allergic to any ingredient. If irritation occurs, please discontinue the product and consult a dermatologist.

Ingredients Decoded

Jojoba, Grape Seed, Argan, Sunflower Seed oils  - These oils make our face scrubs superfatted and leave the skin moisturised.

Rosemary Extract - It helps soothe and calm the skin. 

Kaolinite - rich in minerals like Silica, it not only helps deep cleanse the pores but also help enhance the elasticity of the skin.

Saffron and Rose petals - rich in carotenoids, these enhance the natural tone and texture of the skin and support free radical scavenging.

Geranium Essential Oil - It is rich in monoterpene alcohols that helps soothe the skin and improves skin texture over time.

Sandalwood Essential Oil - Rich in sesquiterpenes, it helps soothe the skin and calm inflammations and skin irritations.

Organic Profile
  • Ingredients are freshly harvested and are used without any processing or refinement
  • Certified organic ingredients are sourced ethically and sustainably
  • 66.19 % of the total ingredients are from organic farming.
  • 98.482 % plant origin ingredients are from organic farming.
  • 100% natural origin of total 
  • Essential oils are used within dermal limits 
  • Our face scrubs derive their aroma from their constituent organic ingredients and are without any added or synthetic fragrances 
  • The natural scent may wither away over time but it does not affect the efficacy of the face scrub
  • Our face scrubs derive their colour from the organic ingredients and are without any added or artificial colours
  • The natural colour may change over time but it doesn’t affect the efficacy of the face scrub
Manufacturing & Packing
  • Our organic scrubs are a blend of steam-distilled essential oils, natural moisturizers, organic sugars, and salts. The manufacturing process does not pose a risk to waterways, marine life, and human health
  • Our face scrubs are packed in sustainable and recyclable packaging
  • Our face scrubs are stored in dark amber glass tubs due to the delicate nature of the ingredients used. Do not keep the tub in direct sunlight.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.


Step 1:
Use our wooden spoon to scoop out the product. Take enough to cover your face and neck

Step 2:
Add a few pumps of our floral water to make it into a paste-like consistency and apply a thin layer on the face & neck

Step 3:
Gently exfoliate in circular motions for a couple of minutes focussing on areas that are more prone to clogged pores. Rinse off the product and pat dry with a soft towel.

Step 4:
Follow up with a hydrating toner and suitable facial oil

Use only once or twice a week.

Eco Cert

Soil to shelf

This product is certified organic by Ecocert (France) in accordance to COSMOS standard , a leading global certification agency that adheres to strict organic guidelines and regulations right from soil to shelf. This certification covers all aspects like ingredient sourcing, processing, manufacturing, packaging and labelling during the audit process.

ingredients & their nutrients

We follow a transparent ingredient listing policy so you know exactly what you are feeding your skin.


Customer Reviews

Based on 118 reviews
Manasvi Verma
Underrated product of JC

I'm on my second tub of this product and oh my goodness this scrub is so good, I use this as a face mask and leave it for 10 minutes then scrub gently, this product doesn't have big particle that causes irritation or anything, it doesn't clog your pores either nor it widen them, and the tiny particles slowly melt as you splash water on your face, love how it leaves my skin baby soft, you should definitely give this one a try and oh yes it smells so good 🤍✨

Saranya Dinakaran
Most Amazing Product

Gives you instant glow and hydrated skin after using this scrub. It smells good too. Use it two times a week and I’m enjoying the best results. Live the scrub.

Priyadarshini Karmakar

at first, I was a little reticent to buy this as I prefer ready to use scrubs however, the name JC convinced my mind n I finally got this. Upon applying it at first I found it a little harsh on my acne prone skin but when I reduced the pressure and scrubbed my face, I was brought to a smooth, glowing face... I followed this up with the hemp seed oil and wallah! I could see a smile on my face... very few products give me this satisfaction...

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