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Why choose organic certified skincare?

by Amit Kumar |

We often come across products with labels claiming them to be organic. But, what really makes a product organic and how are we supposed to believe it? We are sure this question must have paid you visit many a times. Nevertheless, we are here with all the answers. Read on!

 What does ‘organic’ actually mean?

When we say ‘organic skincare’ we mean the products are made of plant derived ingredients along with naturally occurring ingredients. Such ingredients are absolutely free from pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) and so on. But what is organic, is not necessarily natural.

 Then what is the difference between ‘organic’ and ‘natural’?

Natural ingredients are cultivated from nature but doesn’t come with an assurance that they have not been sprayed on with agricultural chemicals. Organic ingredients are often of natural origin, but not always, and are 100% not contaminated by chemicals. Hence, ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ are not monozygotic twin sisters. 😉

 Now that you have the clarity about organic products, we know what is going to be your next question.

 Why organic skincare?

As simple as it can get, the answer to this question sums up in just two words and i.e., “they work”. Yes, they work and are good for your overall well – being! That is exactly why you should pick organic skincare over other chemical products. The benefits of switching to organic world are huge and does not restricts to the individual level but also branches out to the planet as a whole.

 The otherwise easily available non – organic products are full of chemicals and synthetics which simply are not necessary in skincare and downright scary. These ingredients are often fast acting and invasive. Studies prove a direct correlation of these elements with skin irritation, chronic headaches, cancers, breathing disabilities, hormone disruption, etc, etc, etc. They actually do more harm than good!

 Over the last half decade, the organic products have come leaps and bounds. They are comparatively easily accessible and the options to choose from are growing rapidly. But the question of the hour is “whether all these product labels screaming organic are to be believed or not?” Merely declaring a product to be organic does not make it one. Therefore, one should pick a certified organic product over a self – proclaimed one.

 Unfortunately, the term ‘organic’ is conveniently misused to tap ignorant consumers and milk more profits. For us, as consumers, it becomes imperative to check for ourselves whether the products we use are truly organic or not. Thus, certifications come into force for our rescue. Let’s learn more about certified organic skincare.

 Organic certifications are the most sorted way to ensure whether a product is organic in it’s true sense or not. For a product to claim it is ‘certified organic’, it must meet a number of strict specifications that go beyond the ‘organic’ requirements. ECOCERT is one such organic certification organization and the largest in the world.

 ECOCERT certification not only certifies the ingredients that go into each product, but also the manufacturing process, the equipment, the products used to clean the manufacturing equipment and facility, the labelling accuracy, the packaging and even the suppliers of ingredients.

In order to become ECOCERT certified, here’s the process we follow without fail each year -

  • Fill out a detailed application form
  • Submit the fees
  • Provide the authority with a “handler organic plan” describing all of the safeguards undertaken to ensure proper handling of organic ingredients and proper cleaning of all equipment (the type cleaning solutions used are also closely monitored)
  • Provide the authority with organic certificates from all of our suppliers for each of the organic ingredient used in our products
  • Provide the authority with a map of our facility highlighting the manufacturing and storage units in the property. The certification is not only based on compliance with NOP (National Organic Program) standards, but also on the ability to uphold these standards
  • Provide the authority with a quality assurance plan that also includes ongoing education for our employees
  • Provide the authority with detailed records and logs for the purpose of audit every year. This is to ensure the authenticity at all stages from the receipt of raw material till the final product is released
  • Provide the authority with our written annual production plans

 Once the application is submitted and reviewed, an ECOCERT accredited inspector visits our premises. The inspector shall randomly pick a sample from varied product lines off of our shelves   for the purpose of audit. As a part of the process, the following standards are to be met:

  • The labelling must comply with the ECOCERT COSMOS guidelines
  • The preparation, storage, and packaging, from ingredients to finished product, must comply with COSMOS STANDARD guidelines
  • The final organic product value must match the organic ingredient intake. For instance, if the Sea Buckthorn Salve is picked, we are supposed to validate how many units have been sold in a given year. If 200 units are sold, then a flow chart demonstrating the following must be showcased:
    • The date, recipe and batch number for each set manufactured
    • The lot numbers of all organic ingredients used
    • The amount of each ingredient used in the recipe
    • The corresponding invoices for each ingredient along with lot numbers to validate that we only certified organic ingredients were purchased

This guarantees the organic integrity of the product through continuous traceability, from receipt of the raw material to sale of the product.

In order to ensure compliance and quality, the above enlisted process is required to be diligently followed every year. 

 Juicy Chemistry pledges to deliver skincare products in its purest form and in its endeavour to provide the best to the society, we have got all our products ECOCERT certified under COSMOS standards. We believe in transparency and we want nothing but the best for our customers.  

 We, at Juicy Chemistry, hereby extend the warmest welcome to each one of you to become an integral part of our simplified skincare universe.

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