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Monsoon Beauty Hacks

by Amit Kumar |

Finally, some respite from the burning hot summers with rains hitting the weather forecast on your phone screens. Monsoons are here, everyone! While we all had been longing for monsoons to undo the summer attack on our skin and hair, this rainy season brings along different set of challenges you dare not ignore. Mind you, do not fall for the trap that your skin and hair care game can take a backseat in this deceiving season. It rather needs to be upgraded and here are some of the pointers you must keep in mind –


  1. Sun is still out there – even though the clouds have taken over, the sun is still out there behind them keeping an eye on you. And yes, you cannot give up sunscreen. But who wants to put on layers of products on their face in this humidity? Here's a two in one product from the house of Juicy Chemistry that would not only protect you from the sun but also give your skin the right amount of moisturization - Argan, Rose & Camellia Day Serum with Natural SPF. This wonderful blend of hand – picked ingredients disappears into your skin without leaving any greasy traces and it works amazingly well under makeup too.
  2. Your feet need care too - the most neglected part of the body are your feet. While they still keep up with the neglection throughout the year, monsoons can take a toll on them. The rain water can give way to various skin irritations and infections. So, foot care, at least in this season, is a must. Whenever your feet are drenched in rain water, make sure to clean them nicely once you are back home. But cleaning with regular tap water is not enough, make sure you soak your feet in hot water with relaxing foot salts and then scrub away the all the dirt accumulated followed by a good foot cream. Make sure to check out the amazing range of foot care products from Juicy Chemistry.
  3. Mist mist mist! - Toners and facial mists are your best friends for this utterly humid season. Monsoons enhance the appearance of pores and that is definitely not what we desire. Toners become all the more essential for this season as they help shrunken the pores and clean them gently. Using a toner day and night can drastically change your skincare game. Even through the day, spritzing a refreshing facial mist can lift up your spirits and make you feel rejuvenated instantly maintaining the moisture level of the skin. Juicy chemistry has some amazing alcohol – free toners suitable for different skin types that will keep your skin’s pH balance under control this season.
  4. Mask to last - monsoons means clogged pores and sticky face no matter what skin type you are. But don't worry, face masks have your back. They not only remove impurities and tan, but also help tighten pores and nourish the skin. And yes, there's a face mask for every skin type. Make sure to check out the luxurious range of face masks carefully formulated for your skin type.
  5. Wash that face more than just once! – with skin naturally secreting more oil than normal and with humidity all around, it becomes imperative to wash the face a couple of times during the day. Make sure your cleanser is gentle and having anti – bacterial properties would be a plus in this weather as it would keep skin irritations and infections at a distance with rain water all around. Make sure to explore Juicy Chemistry’s range of purifying gourmet soaps.
  6. Exfoliation is the key – no skincare regime can ever be complete without exfoliation and monsoons make it all the more necessary. This rainy season makes our skin dull, dark and oily and regular exfoliation becomes a must. It helps in maintaining the youthfulness of the skin and makes it look brighter. Make sure to check out the Juicy Chemistry’s range of natural exfoliants specially curated for different skin types.
  7. Frizz alert?! – monsoons implies frizzy hair for everyone with no biases. Even after using styling tools, the frizz finds its way back. Sigh! But a couple of changes in your hair care routine can tackle this problem. Make sure to condition your hair after shower and use cotton cloth or micro fibre towel for drying your hair instead of the regular towel. Applying a leave – in conditioner also makes a huge difference. Make sure to check out the Amla, Apricot and Almond Leave – in conditioner and Argan & Chamomile Hair Serum from the house of Juicy Chemistry.
  8. Shampoo the itch away – rain brings out the child in us and we all want to enjoy this nature’s shower, don’t we? But, rain water does impacts the health of our skin and scalp. This humid weather also makes us wash our hair more often than we generally do and therefore it becomes extremely crucial to pick the right shampoo. One must stick to mild shampoos which are not harsh on the scalp and should be capable of keeping scalp irritations away. Do check out the Tea Tree, Neem & Rosemary Anti – Bacterial soap for Face, Body and Hair and Baobab, Rosemary and Tea Tree Shampoo from Juicy Chemistry.
  9. Hot Hair Oil Massage – this season also takes away our precious hair and a hot hair oil massage at regular intervals can be your saviour. Irrespective of your busy schedules, make sure to give yourself a weekly pampering head massage with your favourite hair oil. You may also add a few drops of essential oil of your choice followed by wrapping a towel around your head drenched in hot water for that perfect spa like experience. Juicy chemistry has the perfect blend of highly nourishing and light weight oils that will absorb quickly into the scalp leaving you with voluminous, silky and luscious locks.
  10. Body care – as much as our face and hair needs attention in this season, our body needs care too. Following a simple routine of cleansing and moisturizing for body regularly with occasional exfoliation can seal the deal for you. Do not forget to check out Juicy Chemistry’s rang of gourmet soaps, luscious body scrubs and body butters to treat your body.

Happy monsoons, peeps! 😊

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